Photochop of the Next Generation Lexus GS

Even thought the fourth-generation Lexus GS is still years away, it’s certainly fun to imagine what the next version will look like, and The Truth About Cars’ Andrei Avarvarii did just that, putting together this photochop:

Lexus GS Photochop

I do like some of the touches, particularly the front-light treatment, but I don’t think Avarvarii’s photochop is heading in the right direction. There’s far too much ES 350 in the general shape, with elements of the Infiniti M for good measure.

Instead, I think the next GS is going to be much more aggressive-looking. Right now, the GS & ES share an uncomfortably close segment. Of course, there’s obvious differences in driving dynamics and styling, but there needs to be cleaner divide between the two models. In my mind, the GS needs to move towards something like the Mercedes CLS or BMW 6-series, and leave the practicality to the ES.