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ICON’s Custom Lexus LX 570 Revealed!

When Lexus announced their SEMA lineup, I was especially interested in what ICON’s modified LX 570 would look like, especially given that it was described as the “anti-bling” version, subdued and super functional.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, I stumbled onto Icon’s project page at CarDomain and all the secrets were revealed. Here’s the almost-final show truck:

Icon 4x4 Lexus LX 570

Icon 4x4 Lexus LX 570

Icon 4x4 Lexus LX 570

They’re quite hidden in the photos, but this LX is rolling with one-off TRD brakes! Very cool.

Here’s a list of some of the other modifications:

  • Matte two tone gray exterior
  • Black chrome trim and emblems
  • Side trim removed, roof rack deleted
  • Custom Grille
  • All interior wood removed and replaced with carbon fiber

There’s also mention on their page about a custom TRD F-Sport style intake, stainless steel exhaust and a custom TRD based supercharger, but this has yet to be verified.

Be sure to check out ICON’s CarDomain page for more details and plenty of photos.

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