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Five Axis GS 460 Confirmed for SEMA (Plus More!)

Lexus & Five Axis will be making another big splash at next month’s SEMA — last year, the Project IS-F was the result of their collaboration, and this year, Five Axis is turning their attention to the Lexus GS 460 (click for a larger version):

I know it’s a sketch and everything, but this is huge news. The GS needs this sort of attention, and I fully believe Five Axis are going to do a fantastic job.

Not only that, there’s more:

  • Five Axis will also be bringing the Project IS-F back to SEMA, only this time it’s packing a heavily modified V8 engine. This could signal the IS-F modifications that have been bandied around since last year.
  • Heavily acclaimed Icon 4×4 Design will be bringing an “anti-bling” version of the LX 570 to the show, which is promised to be subdued and super functional.
  • Four custom Lexus IS-Fs from Fox Marketing, Import Tuner, 0-60 Magazine and MotorworldHype will also be displayed.

A lot of big news. Very excited about the Five Axis GS and the Icon 4×4 LX.

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