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WedsSport Reveals Lexus IS Drift Racer

WedsSport, a Japanese performance tuner, has revealed its Lexus IS 350 drift car, which is destined to compete in the D1 Grand Prix,  the preeminent professional drifting series. NZ Performance Car has some details:

…the company has been slowly developing this new car which is, not surprisingly, powered by a Supra derived 2JZ-GTE motor. The new Lexus sports an awesome wide-body look, a 780hp T04Z turbo power delivery and an awesome handling package custom made for the car.

Wedsports Lexus IS 350 D1 Car

It will be interesting to see how WedsSport’s IS performs in the D1GP. (It certainly gets bonus points for those fantastic yellow rims!)

[Source: NZ Peformance Car]