Lexus Europe 2008 YTD Sales

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Lexus Europe have reported their 2008 January to June sales, and the result is very similar to the US numbers. For the first six months of the year, 24,859 vehicles have been sold, a 14% decrease from last year.

The press release also mentions that 35% of all Lexus’ sold in Europe are hybrids, which is down from 37% last year. (Hardly a significant drop, but it’s worth mentioning.)

In addressing the drop in sales, the Toyota press release included a very interesting quote:

‘2008 has been challenging as we prepare for a new product offensive and face tougher external pressures,’ said Tadashi Arashima, President and Chief Executive Officer of TME. ‘We are confident of entering a new phase of growth in-line with the introduction of 18 models, including two hybrids, to Europe. Each model will bring improved fuel efficiency, helping to expand our low CO2 sales mix.’

With eighteen new models (!!!) about to be introduced, it looks like Toyota/Lexus is about to begin a major offensive in Europe.

[Source: Infibeam]