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Photos of Hennessey’s Lexus IS-F

Hennessey announced earlier this year that they would be training their eyes on some heavy-duty Lexus IS-F modifications, and now Jalopnik has some photos of a seemingly-stock IS-F from their tour of the Hennessey factory. Jalopnik also reiterated that the performance engineering company was working on headers and a new exhaust system for the super sedan.

What’s strange is that Hennessey has already tried to sell their IS-F on eBay, where the following description was given:

Only 750 miles on this fully Loaded Lexus IS-F.  Hennessey Performance purchased the car new to use it to develop upgrades for the car.  We have decided not to pursue it at this time so we are selling the car.  It is a few weeks old, has 750 freeway miles on it and is as good as new.

This was back in May, mind you, so maybe the failed auction spurred them back towards some development. (Honestly, though, who buys a used car driven by a performance junkie like John Hennessey?)

[Source: Jalopnik] (Thanks Jarrett!)

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