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Motor Trend visits the Lexus Hybrid Living Suite

Lexus Hybrid Living Suites

Motor Trend spent some time in the Lexus Hybrid Living Suite, a suite created at the San Francisco Fairmont hotel to showcase Lexus’ commitment to environmental responsibility:

The San Francisco Fairmont is located on top of the Nob Hill area, the highest point in the entire city. As one might imagine, such a location makes for fantastic views — in fact, the Lexus Suite provides a stunning look at many of San Francisco’s chief points of interest, including Alcatraz, Coit Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Organic is a chief theme in the suite, with material for the bed mattress, sheets, towels, and robes all grown without pesticides. Much of the furniture in the suite, from the night stands, to the bed, dining table, and bathroom fixtures, was sourced from antique stores — as opposed to buying new items — and refinished, essentially recycling them for use in the suite.

Primarily I’m linking to the story because of the photo gallery, which shows the suite from a number of different angles, but it’s also important to note that this might be the first time Motor Trend’s passed on the chance to put down the hybrid sedan.