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The Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype in Action

The just-revealed IS 250 race car wasn’t the only Lexus to be part of the festivities this weekend, as the LF-A racing prototype also made its debut in the ADAC Rundstrecken Trophy Endurance series. Edmunds reports:

The race was run on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, combined with a sprint portion of the famous Grand Prix circuit.

During the four-hour race, the LF-A covered 23 15.13-mile laps, grabbing 77th place. Its fastest lap was 9:06. While that lap time may sound slow compared to the Nissan GT-R’s best ‘Ring time of 7:29, the GT-R was clocked on just the 12.9-mile Nordschleife without the additional sprint section. The LF-A drove in group SP8.

Saturday’s race was one of seven four-hour races this year, with a six-hour race and a 24-hour race rounding out the series. The LF-A is expected to continue competitive runs in this series, including the 24-hour race at the end of this month, as part of the LF-A’s development process.

Lucky for us, someone posted up a lengthy video clip showing the LF-A in action, though most of the footage is dedicated to the slowest pit-stop ever:

I wonder what the deal is with that askew decal on the hood, did someone just not want to take the time to do it right?

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