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Lexus ranked #2 Luxury Auto Brand in the USA

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The Luxury Institute has released their annual report on the top prestige auto brands in the USA, and Lexus ranked #2, just behind Porsche and in front of Mercedes. Here’s some details about the survey:

The proprietary Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) survey is the only measure of the prestige of leading brands among wealthy Americans. A national sample of 1,642 wealthy American consumers, with an average income of $349K and average net-worth of $3.7 million, was surveyed online.

“We conduct our surveys with independent panels of wealthy consumers with results tabulated by external analytical firms. We have no consulting projects with the brands rated nor do we have advertising dependencies with them. As far as we are aware, this is the only consumer-based survey that can make those claims. Our surveys inform luxury CEOs on the health of their brands in no uncertain terms so they can take action to enhance relationships with prospects and customers. Today more luxury brands rely on the accuracy of the Luxury Institute’s survey data than any other research.”

Two years ago, Lexus ranked third behind Porsche and Mercedes, and last year tied with Mercedes for second place, indicating that the automotive brand is moving up in minds of their prospective customers.

The thing I find most interesting is that these wealthy consumers are filling out the survey, though I wonder just what percentage of the mailouts converted. Still, there’s something very impressive about ranking so high, even from a sample audience of 1,642.

(I’d like to find some similar surveys for other parts of the world.)

[Source: Yahoo!] (Thanks Dan!)