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Welcome to The Passionate Pursuit 2.0

After extensive development, the new version of The Passionate Pursuit is ready.

First thing’s first, if you’ve visited the site any time recently, please be sure to hit the refresh button, otherwise things might look pretty strange.

The most significant addition to the site is the Lexus database, which contains every model built by Lexus. Broken down by generation, the database makes it easy to view vehicle-specific news, reviews, photos and videos, along with available body kits and full specifications. You can navigate the Lexus database by either clicking “Lexus Database” in the top navigation or by selecting a model type in the dropdown menu in the sidebar.

Another new feature is the TPP mailing list, a weekly newsletter with a recap of all the most important and interesting Lexus news of the week. This makes it easy for anyone to keep up-to-date with the latest announcements and happenings. You can sign up to the mailing list using the widget in the sidebar.

There are still sections that need some work, most notably the body kit pages and the model specifications, which will be an ongoing project here at TPP. As always, if you experience any problems or spot any errors, please let me know via the contact form. With such a substantial redesign, things are bound to crop up.

That should about cover it for now. There’s still plenty still to come, but it’s time to catch up on news I may have missed while putting this all together.

(Special thanks go out to Karissa, who spent days re-categorizing and modifying all of the old content to fit in the new site.)

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