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Autoweek’s Long-Term Report on the Lexus LS 460L

Lexus LS 460L Long Term Report

Autoweek has turned in their long term report on the Lexus LS 460L, and the result was just what you’d expect, they didn’t like the prospect of returning the keys whatsoever:

…when it comes to extended, over-the-road, full-zoot, family-vacation luxury, our long-term Lexus LS 460 L can’t get enough.

Or it couldn’t. We turned in the keys in December, and the bigger bummer is that we’ve yet to figure out what can equal its long-haul abilities.

What makes the Lexus perfect for road trips are its ultrasealed cabin and a ride as plush as that of an old-school Caddy. That is to say, it couldn’t be smoother or quieter.

“The LS is a terrific cruiser, but a great driver? Not so much,” said one editor. “It loves the open highway, and it gobbles up miles faster than my kid eats Skittles. On a long road trip, you really appreciate a quiet ride, and few cars are quieter than this big Lexus. And the sound system rocks; with all the choices of XM at your fingertips, finding something to listen to is easy. For this trip, I used the navigation system, and XM traffic alerted me to a couple of construction tie-ups. Very nice.”

There were some minor issues experienced, including an accidental triggering of the pre-collision system (which resulted in an unimpressed editor) and an issue with the automatic trunk release, but all in all, it looked to be a very positive experience with the LS 460L.