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New Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Video from Autospies

More video of the LF-A Roadster Concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show has emerged, this time up it’s Autospies, with an interview with Lexus event manager Brian Bolain(no video embedding, click here to watch the video.)

I really believed that this concept was something that would fast-track to production, perhaps as part of a simultaneous release with the LF-A coupe, but Brian Bolain was quick to discourage any such thought. Instead, the LF-A Roadster still has to go through the “standard design process”, and it could be years before it’s available. Not the best news, really.

Still, I think there’s more to this than what’s been said. While the LF-A Roadster may still be years away, there is a certain model in the Lexus lineup that could utilize much of the same styling…

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