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More on the Lexus Lounge @ The Detroit Auto Show

The Lexus Loft @ The Detroit Auto Show

It almost seems like the LF-A Roadster Concept is playing second-fiddle to the Lexus amenities at the Detroit Auto Show — The Driving Woman weblog (who’s been providing insightful updates since the convention doors opened) shares their experience:

Whenever I thought that the show was getting to me I just climbed that set of stairs, relaxed into a fabulous bamboo chair, ate organic goodies and sipped cucumber infused mineral water. And when I got my head healed upstairs, I descended to Lexus’s main floor for a chair massage.

“Is this a prototype for Lexus’s dealership of the future?” I inquired of Mark Lawrence, Creative Director at George P. Johnson Event Marketing Agency, who helped to conceptualize the booth.

“We did a discovery process on where Lexus wanted to take the consumer experience,” Lawrence noted. “And yes, the overall theme is a hi-end boutique auto dealership. It’s all about contemporary luxury.”

“The lounge was designed as the ultimate experience in a harried workday environment as a place to relax and refuel,” he added.  “Yes, refuel,” I thought, grabbing a couple more chocolate chip cookies and a handful of organic almonds.