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Dubai’s Lexus Mega Raffle

Dubai's Lexus Mega Raffle

Normally, a car raffle wouldn’t be anything to post about, but they do it differently in Dubai. The Lexus Mega Raffle, which will be held during Dubai’s annual Shopping Festival, will see an ES 350 and a RX 350 given to one winner every day for 32 days, though they can opt instead for a cash prize of $100,000 in a number of different currencies.

This press release explains it more succinctly:

Ibrahim Saleh, Chief Operating Officer of DSF explained that the 2008 Lexus Mega Raffle would be a special edition in terms of the excitement and the value of prizes. “While two brand new Lexus ES 350 and RX 350 models would be given daily to one winner, the same winner would have the chance to take home 100,000 in cash but in a currency he or she would pick through another draw.”

“There will be 32 currencies to pick from – ranging between the Pound Sterling, US Dollar, and the Euro, to the Turkish Lira, Argentinean Pesos and the Iranian Tomman, among other international currencies. The winner might thus take home a cash prize of the equivalent of AED 400 or even AED 750,000,” added Saleh.

Now that’s some raffle, but considering the location, it’s not really all that hard to believe.

[Source: Dubai City Guide]