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Lexus Places First in Japanese Customer Service

Lexus sure knows how to treat their customers, at least according to JD Power. On top of a first place finish in the JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index, Lexus dominated the Japanese Customer Service Index as well:

Now in its sixth year, the study identifies five factors that measure customer satisfaction with service performed at manufacturer-authorized dealer facilities. In order of importance, they are: service representative; service costs and timing; service quality; service initiation; and service accessibility.

Included in the ranking for the first time in 2007, Lexus leads with an overall CSI score of 125 points, performing particularly well in each of the five factors that determine overall satisfaction.

Toyota, as you may know, only started selling Lexus branded vehicles in 2005, so this was their first year of eligibility in the Index, which makes the result even more impressive.

(Conversely, they ranked third in USA’s CSI, behind Jaguar & Buick.)

[Source: JD Power]

  • M
    mosaad alyami
  • November 13, 2010
i have lexus model GS 430 2007 and has big problem in the engen that engen stop working while i were driving it an i was not know what was the problen then i tooke it to the lexus garag in kuwait city. then the saied to me the problem from the elecric denamo and pattry and me be from starter. and that will cost me about 2500 dollar. after that they tried to start the engin butt it could not theu saied the problem from engin and that will cost me manimum 73125 dollars . then i said thats too mush and i could not bay that and i what i know about lexus it has strong engen will not has broplem in just 3 years. i was changing the oil and filter every 4800 km and checked every always. then i took it to another garag out side and they said to me it does not have problem in the electic denamo and the battry is working good. when the garage thech thet car he saied the engen has very big problem inside and this is first time lexus 2007 new one came to me has this kind of problem . and he advised me to chang the engen. so what i waht from you to find solution for me if you need any answer for any question you can contact me in my e mail. and if you are not the person who respons of my prblem i hope you send it to the person who is respensople about it . hopfully you will help thank you
  • J
    Jaffar A Sultan
  • June 18, 2011
my Car no 31150 lexus Bahrain pat no i have a probleum with Bahrain agent how can i send all my ducoments to complum about
  • A
  • January 17, 2012
After 4 years owning Lexus IS 300 2007 model, the touch screen for the navigation system stopped responding and the dealer service center decided that it must be replaced with new one and the cost $ 5500. My car was going on regular check up and paying heavy service for routine work and with this problem it makes it impossible to maintain. I`m sure other owners who experienced similar problems share my feeling of a car brand like Lexus is no more luxury to obtain but a burden to maintain.