The Lexus Body Kit Series: ES 350

The Lexus Body Kit Series: ES 350

My initial thought was to pass over it without mention, but the more I think about it, it’s quite surprising that the ES 350 has absolutely no body kits.

Why is that?

I think the major reason has to be that the ES 350 is no longer available in Japan, where most Lexus kits come from. The previous ES models were available there (as the Toyota Windom), but was discontinued with the ES 350’s release in 2007. Now the ES is sold only in North America, the Middle East, Korea and Taiwan.

Also, it stands to reason that most people who would consider a body kit in the first place would gravitate to the sportier models in the Lexus lineup, like the IS or GS. It can’t be denied, the ES 350 is a family car through and through, with an emphasis on comfort rather than performance or sportiness.

Still, there are a couple personalization options, available direct from Lexus, who offer a rear spoiler (which needs to be bolted on, and is therefore permanent) and side-body moldings:

Lexus ES 350 Spoiler
Lexus ES 350 Body Moldings