New US Tennis Open Commercial with Andy Roddick: The Big Backup

There’s a new IS commercial airing as part of Lexus’ US Tennis Open Sponsorship, featuring Andy Roddick chasing a tennis ball through New York streets:

There’s a few interesting things about this commercial, one of which is a major disappointment. As you may know, Lexus is also sponsoring a US Tennis Virtual Open during the real life tournament. Using a Nintendo Wii, participants will compete in hopes of winning a year-long lease of an IS-F. Now, according to Brandweek, this commercial was also supposed to feature an IS-F, but instead it’s just an IS 350. Boo.

On the bright side, though, a “behind-the-scenes” video has also been released, showing the tennis ball auditions, which is a cute little touch:

“Would you be willing to shave for this part?”