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China Gets Lexus LF-A Pricing & Release Information

The Lexus LF-A

It’s been less than two weeks since the LS 600hL was released in China, and now the latest news is that the LF-A is next in line:

“We are planning to import the latest Lexus models to the Chinese market at the earliest time possible,” said Zeng Lintang, vice president of Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co at a test drive activity for Lexus LS600hL recently.

“Lexus LF-A blends the performance of an exotic sports car with the luxury refinements of a Lexus, and we anticipate that the model will be sold at more than 2 million yuan ($264,700) here in China.”

The price seems rather high, but it fits with the markup usually seen with a Chinese release. For example, the LS600hL, sold in the USA for $104,000, retails in China for $210,263. If the ratio is the same, could the LF-A retail in North America for $129,703?

Not very likely, especially when considering Lintang’s statement that “the model will be sold at more than 2 million yuan ($264,700).”

[Source: GasGoo]