Classic 1992 Lexus LS Commercial: Money in the Bank

As an LS 400 owner, I always get a kick out of seeing the old commercials pop up on Youtube:

It’s interesting that Lexus has maintained a very distinctive look to their advertising over the years. Save for the grainy VHS look and the car featured, this commercial could easily appear on TV today. Now that’s quality advertising.


  1. Apparently this exact link was one of my Youtube videos at "Automakr86" that Team One removed in 2007. Scared to upload it again, in case of "infringement" attacks.
    • Upload it somewhere and send me the link -- I'll post anything. :-)
    • So sorry, but I recently returned (moved) to the UK from the U.S. and not yet settled unfortunately. I'll try to check old backup drives ASAIC, as I still have yet to unpack. I had several 1992-1993 Lexus ads captured in 2007, including early GS and facelift LS ones.