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Lexus & The Best Global Brands Report

Lexus Ranking in Global Brand Report

Interbrand annually publishes a non-industry specific report on the Best Global Brands, ranked by “brand valuation”. This year, Lexus rings in at 92, same as last year, and was 10th overall in car brands.

Much ado was given to Hyundai’s ranking, placing at the 72 position, above Porsche and Lexus. It can hardly be considered a surprise, though, when you consider that this is a global study, including South Korea, where Hyundai is a dominant force, whereas Lexus has only started expanding worldwide. Nevermind that it’s an offshoot of much larger company (Toyota, which ranked #6 overall, and #1 in the automotive industry), which would be a much better comparison to Hyundai.

More surprising is Nissan’s rank at 98, slipping eight spots and threatening to leave the list all together.