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Site of the Week: Autopia

Autopia Screenshot

If you’re anything of a car buff, and I’m going to assume you are, you’ve probably already come across this week’s site: Autopia. In a nutshell, it’s the place to go when you want to get your car in tip-top shape, inside and out.

When I bought the Lexus last year, I spent days here, finding out the best way to take care of my new purchase. Several hundred dollars later, I had a machine buffer and so many different polishes and waxes my girlfriend thought I was going insane.

Of course, and I’m sure it happens to everyone who frequents this site, I debated becoming a professional detailer. Clients were easy to find, and within weeks I was polishing swirls from Jaguars and Range Rovers. It was then I learned a valuable lesson: It’s never as much fun as taking care of your own car.

The best place to start, if you’re a beginner, is with their amazing tutorial section. Then, once you’re read up on the basics of detailing, dive into their extensive forums, spend some time admiring the Click & Brags, and search for any question that crosses your mind. Believe me, the answer is there. It always is.