Super Street Magazine Reviews the Lexus LS 460

The Lexus LS 460 with Junction Produce Body Kit

It’s far and few between to find an genuinely amusing car review, but Super Street Magazine manages just that with their review of the Lexus LS 460. Here’s a few of the more salient passages:

Enter the LS 460. Right off the bat, this car is pimp. Scratch that, capital P-I-M-P. Plush roomy leather interior with charcoal wood accents, more digital wizardry in the cabin than the Wachowski brothers, solid construction and more room than a Japanese business hotel-the car simply oozes elegance. Equipped with the Comfort Plus Package, the seats even have ass-conditioners!

The exterior is an extension of the Lexus L-finesse, corporate fancy talk for all of them looking alike. But calling an LS a glorified IS would be the understatement of the year.

The suspension and ride of the LS won’t win any Time Attacks, but you pick up chicks, not trophies, in this bad boy. Simply dump, body kit, rim up and enjoy. While the ride might be a little hard, it wasn’t half as hard as turning the keys back to Lexus.

Not exactly a technical dissertation, but still interesting to read a LS 460 review from a perspective more concerned with suspension drops and 21″ rims than horsepower.