Photo Tour of the New Lexus of Bellevue Dealership

Lexus of Bellevue

The newly relocated Lexus of Bellevue is a sprawling, beautifully appointed 275,000-square-foot dealership that takes the concept of customer experience and hits it into the stratosphere. No kidding, here’s a list of some of the more over-the-top features:

  • A set of artificial putting greens
  • A deli (!!!)
  • Gas station on site
  • Standalone automated car wash

For good measure, Car Domain user BB_AE86 has put together an amazing photo tour of the facilities — Here’s just a sampling of the 58 shots taken:

Lexus of Bellevue Lobby
Lexus of Bellevue Service Center
Lexus of Bellevue Gas Station

Sadly, no pictures of the deli.

[Source: The Seattle Times]