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Nonsensical Criticism of West Coast Lexus Dealerships

The Truth About Cars has posted up a delusional article today badmouthing the buildings of Lexus dealerships in Newport and Bellevue, then making this grand-sweeping statement about all Lexus dealerships:

While Lexus’ “L-Finesse” design language is moving their cars away from cod-Mercedes shapes, the Japanese automaker’s dealership architecture remains heavily influenced by parking garages, government buildings and maximum security prisons.

I say delusional because this photo was used as proof of bland architecture:

Lexus of Newport

Does this in any way resemble a parking garage? How about a government building? What about this dealership? Remind you of a maximum security prison?

The commenters take the author to task, and rightfully so — How did this even pass TTAC quality control? My only hope is that there’s some sort of punchline yet to be revealed.