Lexus USA August 2007 Sales Report

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Lexus’ August sales figures are in, and the automaker has posted 3.6% overall increase when compared to last year.

Here’s the by-model breakdown of the numbers:

2007 2006 % Change
IS250/350 5,381 5,553 -3.1
ES350 8,646 7,973 8.4
GS350 2,161 2,609 -17.2
GS430/450h 139 362 -61.6
SC430 298 493 -39.6
LS460 3,164 1,386 128.3
Total Cars 19,789 18,376 7.7
RX350/400h 10,032 9,805 2.3
GX470 2,157 2,458 -12.2
LX470 221 435 -49.2
Total Trucks 12,410 12,698 -2.3
Total Sales 32,199 31,074 3.6

The LS 460 is clearly the only reason why Lexus didn’t see a sale decrease, with a 128.3% increase over last year, jumping from 1,386 units sold to 3,164. The ES and RX saw a marginal increase as well, but all other models fell below their August 2006 totals.

I’m continually surprised by the low GS 430/450h sales, but it’s possible that buyers are waiting for the newly spruced up 2008 editions. The same could be said for the LX, with the new LX 570 on its way to showrooms sometime in early 2008.

Click to read the full Toyota Press Release.

Photos from US Virtual Tennis Open

The US Virtual Open

The US Virtual Open, sponsored by Lexus, is taking place in New York right now, and while I had seen digital mockups of the court, has posted up some photos from the event:

US Tennis Virtual Open

US Tennis Virtual Open 2

From the photos, it looks to be a lot of fun, especially with the small tennis court that allows players to face off head-to-head. I would love to hear some first person accounts of the tournament, if any of you out there were lucky enough to attend.

Three More Taste of Lexus Evening Editions: Chicago, New York & Miami

Taste of Lexus

The Taste of Lexus, an event where Lexus brings out all their current models for test drives, is traveling across the USA, and is scheduled to make stops in Chicago, New York and Miami this month.

As with their most recent event in Los Angeles, Lexus will also be hosting “Evening Editions” at each of these locations, which are aimed at driving enthusiasts, with all test drives take place on a shorter performance course.

The IS-F will also be at each of these events, hoisted up on a dynamometer for your revving excitement.

Here are the details:

Chicago Area

Saturday, September 8; 7-10pm

Arlington Park

2200 West Euclid Ave.

Arlington Heights (Parking Lot A)

NY Area

Saturday, September 22; 7-10pm

Six Flags Great Adventure

1 SixFlags Blvd. – Route 537

Jackson, NJ (Hurricane Harbor lot)

Miami Area

Saturday, October 20; 7-10pm

Calder Race Course

21001 NW 27th Ave.

Miami Gardens (Lot C, E, F)

Please note that the only way to register for these evening sessions is by phone: 1-888-236-9117. The call center is open 24/7 to assist with reservations and to provide more information. Registration for the evening edition may NOT be completed online, however general information is available at Taste of Lexus.

It was my hope to make it to the New York edition, but with it creeping closer and closer, it doesn’t look like my schedule will allow it.

[Via: Autospies]

Flickr Find: Mike IS

Flickr Find: Mike IS

This black & white photo, by Flickr user toyangel immediately caught my attention because of the perfectly captured wheels, looking exceptionally crisp. From my own experiments, it’s difficult to photograph a car-in-motion, and this photo does a fantastic job of just that.

Lexus LS 600h Commercial: Hybrid Drive

The Lexus 600h is available only in Japan and Europe, which might explain why this commercial hasn’t made it to North American shores:

It’s funny, because the invisible digital effect featured here reminds me of the car option I’m looking most forward to: the portable force field. Sure, there’s deeper, more important applications for the technology, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to park anywhere and not have to worry about someone denting your door?