Lexus December 2007 Sales Report

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For the second month in a row, Lexus sales dropped when compared with the previous year. Here’s the details:

2007 2006 % Change
IS250/350 5,651 5,538 2.0
ES350 8,005 8,736 -8.4
GS350 2,254 1,989 13.3
GS460/450h 325 299 8.7
SC430 348 486 -28.4
LS460/600h L 3,257 3,865 -15.7
Total Cars 19,840 20,913 -5.1
RX350/400h 11,835 12,779 -7.4
GX470 2,748 3,029 -9.3
LX470 132 514 -74.3
Total Trucks 14,715 16,322 -9.8
Total Sales 34,555 37,235 -7.2

The only real gain came by way of the GS models, whose sales have picked up somewhat since the minor refresh was released in November. The IS sales figures were roughly the same, but beyond that, every other vehicle saw a decrease. LX sales are abysmal, as buyers are no doubt awaiting the LX 570’s release in January.

[Source: Toyota]

Dubai’s Lexus Mega Raffle

Dubai's Lexus Mega Raffle

Normally, a car raffle wouldn’t be anything to post about, but they do it differently in Dubai. The Lexus Mega Raffle, which will be held during Dubai’s annual Shopping Festival, will see an ES 350 and a RX 350 given to one winner every day for 32 days, though they can opt instead for a cash prize of $100,000 in a number of different currencies.

This press release explains it more succinctly:

Ibrahim Saleh, Chief Operating Officer of DSF explained that the 2008 Lexus Mega Raffle would be a special edition in terms of the excitement and the value of prizes. “While two brand new Lexus ES 350 and RX 350 models would be given daily to one winner, the same winner would have the chance to take home 100,000 in cash but in a currency he or she would pick through another draw.”

“There will be 32 currencies to pick from – ranging between the Pound Sterling, US Dollar, and the Euro, to the Turkish Lira, Argentinean Pesos and the Iranian Tomman, among other international currencies. The winner might thus take home a cash prize of the equivalent of AED 400 or even AED 750,000,” added Saleh.

Now that’s some raffle, but considering the location, it’s not really all that hard to believe.

[Source: Dubai City Guide]

Lexus’ IS-F Presentation Videos

The Auto Network has served up another Lexus presentation, this time a full blown dissertation about the IS-F. This presentation, along with the previously noted LX 570 breakdown, took place in Point Clear, Alabama, and provided the automotive press with an opportunity to learn about the vehicles to an extraordinary level of detail.

The first IS-F video is an introduction, most notable due to its alternative viewpoint as to where the “F” designation started (the other version states the “F” comes from the Fuji Speedway) and its assertion that the IS-F shifts faster than a Ferrari F430:

The second part, presented by Charles Hubbard of Lexus College, is easily the most detailed technical breakdown of the IS-F that I’ve seen or read:

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Lexus’ LX 570 Presentation Videos

The Auto Network has posted up the full LX 570 presentation given by Lexus to the press in late 2007, and it’s a incredible collection of facts and information, detailing every aspect of the vehicle, from its technical specifications to its marketing plan.

The first part is a general overview of the LX 570, presented by Nancy Fein, VP of Customer Service:

The second part is a presentation by Charles Hubbard, and is a highly detailed 20 minute technical breakdown of the new SUV, including a demonstration of the Crawl Control feature. (The sound’s a little low so be sure to turn up your speakers):

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Lexus in 2007: A Brief Recap

Lexus Year in Review

Right from the very start, 2007 was a year of controversy for Lexus.

In January, the Detroit Auto Show saw the introduction of the IS-F and the F-Sport line. The F-Division is meant to be Lexus’ answer to Mercedes’ AMG and BMW’s M-Division, and it was a move that was criticized from all angles over the next eleven months.

There was some excellent news in April, when the LS 460 was named the World Car of the Year, beating out Audi TT and BMW Mini. The new LX 570 was introduced at the New York Auto Show, marking its first redesign in ten years.

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