Lexus USA July 2008 Sales Report

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The July 2008 numbers for Lexus USA are in:

2008 2007 % Change
IS250/350/F 4,750 4,892 -10.4
ES350 5,563 6,909 -25.7
GS350/460/450h 1,297 1,954 -38.7
SC430 143 304 -56.6
LS460/600h L 1,466 2,696 -49.8
Total Cars 13,219 16,755 -27.2
RX350/400h 7,101 8,413 -22.1
GX470 1,019 1,767 -46.8
LX570 843 206 277.7
Total Trucks 8,963 10,386 -20.3
Total Sales 22,182 27,141 -24.6

The LX 570 is shining like a single star in the sky, moving a staggering 843 units. Everything else, as you can see, is down — and significantly. Why is Lexus being hit so hard by the market slowdown? Two reasons jump out at me:

  • Generally speaking, Lexus owners tend to be conservative, and in a recession are more likely to hold off on any big purchases.
  • Lexus just isn’t pushing the same level of incentives. For their summer sales event, dealers are offering 2.9% APR financing. Compare that to BMW, who are offering 0.9% APR financing. Big difference there.

Combine these points with a lack of new models, and the numbers start to make sense. (Still, 40%+ drops are never pretty.)

Lexus to Launch in the Philippines in 2009

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According to The Manila Standard, Lexus will begin sale in the Philippines starting in January 2009:

Alfred Ty, son of the business tycoon George Ty, told reporters the company is set on October to break ground for the only Lexus showroom in country within the Metrobank’s property in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig.

The Lexus showroom will rise on a 4,500-square meter property. It will house the brand’s internal offices, stockyard and service center.

Ty said the company was prepared to import the full line of Lexus models in the country, namely LS 460 full-size luxury sedan, GS 460 midsize luxury sports sedan, IS 350 compact premium sedan and LX 570 sports utility vehicle.

Prices of the models range from P4 million to P8 million each, or approximately the same cost as a high-end residential condominium in Makati or Fort Bonifacio.

Strangely, I found this article from the Manila Times claiming that the groundbreaking ceremony was held back in December 2007, so it’s a little unclear just where development stands. Regardless, both articles claim the dealership will open in January 2009.

Modified Lexus IS-F Coming to SEMA 2008

Lexus IS-F All Chopped Up

The IS-F will be making Lexus-sponsored appearance at SEMA again this year, this time in collaboration with the Fox Marketing & Artisan Performance.

The person-in-charge of the modified version is Brian Fox, who’s been posting photos of the work-in-progress to his CarDomain pageand dropping hints here and there on the direction, including an announcement that Artisan will be releasing an IS-F turbo kit.

Another piece of info I found very interesting was this:

We will help Lexus market, position, and brand the IS-F to appeal to a savvy, European type buyer. Look for our version of the IS-F to debut very soon in the Lexus booth at SEMA Show 2008.

After reading that, my first thought was that we might be looking at more “sleeper”-looking revamp, but from the work visible in Fox’s photos, that doesn’t look to be the case. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to fun following along.

Lexus IS Coupe Photochops

These Lexus IS coupe photochops from Top Speed might be almost two years old, but when I spotted the thumbnails on Flickr today, I thought it was the real deal:

Lexus IS Coupe Front

Lexus IS Coupe Rear

I have a feeling the coupe is going to be a looker, but this example lacks the hard edge that I’d like to see. One thing I really liked in the grainy spy shot of the IS convertible was how chunky the rear looked, though that was more than likely just some elaborate camouflage.

Lexus Chile Likes My LS 400

Lexus Chile has honored me by featuring my LS 400 in their history timeline:

Lexus Chile Screenshot

My photo:

I’m not entirely sure why my ‘94 LS is filed under 2001, but you won’t catch me complaining.