Details on the Upcoming Lexus Accessory Line

Lexus IS 250X Sports Package

While the official announcement won’t take place until tomorrow at SEMA, my.IS has some details on the upcoming performance accessory line for the Lexus IS. Available options include:

  • 19″ Forged Alloy Wheel/Tire Package
  • Performance Brake Upgrade – Front & Rear
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Performance Intake
  • Lowering Spring Set
  • Peformance Shock Absorber Set
  • Performance Exhaust (A deeper-toned alternative to the currently-available HKS exhaust)
  • Sway Bar Kit
  • Lower Rear Chassis Brace

The currently-available-as-an-official-Lexus accessory Ground Effects Kit and Rear Spoiler will be considered a part of this “F” line.

With most (if not all) of these accessories no doubt coming from the IS-F development, it’s an interesting strategy employed by Lexus.

There’s a general feeling, taken from the numerous reviews, that the IS-F is destined to be a black sheep in the Lexus lineup, the ride too harsh, too much emphasis on performance. But if this performance line does adopt the “F” moniker, it all makes a lot more sense. “The IS-F ride too harsh for you? Too fast? Well, just take your IS 250 and mod it to your heart’s delight.”

[Source: my.IS]

Autoweek Reviews the 2008 Lexus IS-F

The 2008 Lexus IS-F

The Lexus IS-F reviews keep on coming, this time from the folks over at Autoweek. As with most of the reviews so far, there was considerable praise for both the transmission and the on-track performance, but deviated from the consensus in regards to the ride quality:

Coming over the terrifying crest under the bridge at start/ finish, the car remained stable, despite the loss of some of the gravity it had on the rest of the course. Braking was stable, too, especially going into one, where you don’t want anything funny to happen. The hard-core will miss the ultimate truth of an all-out sport suspension. This one is softer than the previous M3’s, for instance.

Might be the only review so far to call the IS-F’s suspension “soft”.

Speaking of the M3, included in the article is a quote straight from Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi regarding the IS-F competitor:

The goal was not to make a BMW M3, Yaguchi said, though many people will see it as such.

“The M3 is fun for a really good driver, but if you’re not a really good driver, it’s not fun,” he said. “This is a car everyone can enjoy; with this car, your skill level doesn’t matter.”

Edmunds Comparison: Lexus IS-F vs. Audi RS4

Lexus IS-F vs. Audi RS4

Edmunds has pitted the Lexus IS-F against the Audi RS4, and in what might be the first published IS-F comparison test.

The results, unfortunately, were not pretty, as this is a fairly one-sided affair, with the RS4 pulling far ahead of the IS-F in every category. Their conclusion really says it all:

The 2009 Lexus IS-F is the kind of car that really benefits from switching off the stability control, as it’ll do some really wicked powerslides. And the IS-F handles really nicely and precisely. It’s just too much for us, though. Too much to look at, too intricate to fully appreciate and too hard-core for the street.

The all-wheel-drive 2007 Audi RS4 just plain hauls ass. It doesn’t rotate around an apex like a rear-driver. It’s less the rapier than it is the broadsword. But it’s devastatingly effective as a street machine, so it wins.

The IS-F is shaping up to be quite confounding, it seems as though its marketing slogan, “F is everything you thought we weren’t”, is profoundly dead-on.

(There’s a great video accompanying this comparo, be sure to watch it.)

Winding Road Reviews the 2008 Lexus IS-F

Winding Road Reviews the 2008 Lexus IS-F

The thing that stands out most about Winding Road’s review of the 2008 Lexus IS-F is its attention to detail, seemingly every faucet of the IS-F is extensively covered, and is accompanied by some of the best photos I’ve seen yet.

While most reviews so far have been positive, Winding Road is exuberant with its compliments, there’s not a single negative comment over the eighteen pages of coverage. No mention of harsh ride quality, only praise for the controversial exterior design, they couldn’t have been more impressed.

(Also be sure to check out some very nice video footage from their test drive.)

(Thanks Dan!)

Automobile Magazine Reviews the 2008 Lexus IS-F

2008 Lexus IS-F

The Lexus IS-F reviews keep coming in, this time from Automobile Magazine.

This review is similar in a lot of ways to Edmunds’, in that they loved the on-track performance but were disappointed with its ride harshness off it:

The IS-F rides on nineteen-inch BBS wheels that are forged rather than cast, saving somewhere around ten pounds each, but the result of all these changes is still one stiff-riding IS. The ride is fairly brutal, so your passengers certainly won’t mistake this for a regular Lexus.

More to the point, Automobile Mag doesn’t believe the IS-F is anything for its competitors to worry about:

But is that [the IS-F perfomance] enough to turn the IS-F into the kind of icon that the M3 has become? We don’t think so. The small sport sedan category is less about track prowess than it is street cred. The M3 has that in spades. Like the C63 and the RS4, it shares precious little of its driveline, suspension, and chassis with the more pedestrian car that it’s based on.

…For all the speed the IS-F gained on the track, it lost even more of the ordinary IS’s drivability and good looks. And on the streets and in the showrooms, that’s what really counts.


Automobile also performed a dyno test, which showed that the rear wheels are getting 333bhp and 318 lb-feet of torque, a very impressive figure:

2008 Lexus IS-F Dyno Results