Prussian Blue Body Kit for the Lexus IS-F

Lexus IS-F Prussian Blue Body Kit

It’s unfortunate that Japanese bodykit manufacturer Prussian Blue’s new front/rear lip underspoiler combo for the IS-F is overshadowed by what may be the strangest set of rims I’ve seen in a while. But let’s put them behind us and focus on the two spoilers:

Lexus IS-F Prussian Blue Body Kit

Lexus IS-F Prussian Blue Body Kit

Not bad, I’m not all that impressed with the front end, but I think the rear spoiler has a nice look. As far as cost, the front spoiler is retailing in Japan for ¥81,900 ($812USD) and the rear spoiler comes in at ¥71,400 ($708USD). No word on US availability.

[Via Club Lexus]

Lexus Confirms Compact Model

Lexus BS Compact Car

In an interview with German newspaper WirtschaftsWoche, Lexus Europe Managing Director Tadashi Arashima confirmed that Lexus will indeed be launching a compact entry-level model. From Motor Authority:

“We will offer a Lexus in the compact class,” he told reporters, explaining that the company needs “smaller and more efficient vehicles” to meet Europe’s CO2 emissions regulations. He described the car as being a rival to the likes of BMW’s 1-series and Audi’s A3, although he didn’t reveal any exact release date.

Lexus has been selling in cars in Europe since 1990 but it still commands less than 1% of the total market, something Arashima hopes to change with the introduction of a more affordable and more fuel-efficient model.

Motor Authority seems to think that this isn’t a vehicle we will see in North America, but I don’t believe that to be the case at all. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this would probably eclipse BMW 1-series & Audi A3 sales in very short order. Tiny luxury, especially combined with hybrid technology, would be a perfect package for the USA’s current economic climate.

[Source: Motor Authority Image: Lexus Owners Club]

Classic Lexus SC Prototype Photos

During their visit to Toyota’s Automobile Museum in Torrance, California, Urban Racer took some photos of a Lexus prototype that would eventually become the first generation SC:

Lexus SC Prototype

Lexus SC Prototype

Lexus SC Prototype

While the basic shape remained the same, it’s a very good thing that rear light cluster was dropped, nevermind those rims. (But are they really much worse than the second generation’s wheels?)

Five Axis GS 460 Confirmed for SEMA (Plus More!)

Lexus & Five Axis will be making another big splash at next month’s SEMA — last year, the Project IS-F was the result of their collaboration, and this year, Five Axis is turning their attention to the Lexus GS 460 (click for a larger version):

Lexus Five Axis GS 460

I know it’s a sketch and everything, but this is huge news. The GS needs this sort of attention, and I fully believe Five Axis are going to do a fantastic job.

Not only that, there’s more:

  • Five Axis will also be bringing the Project IS-F back to SEMA, only this time it’s packing a heavily modified V8 engine. This could signal the IS-F modifications that have been bandied around since last year.
  • Heavily acclaimed Icon 4×4 Design will be bringing an “anti-bling” version of the LX 570 to the show, which is promised to be subdued and super functional.
  • Four custom Lexus IS-Fs from Fox Marketing, Import Tuner, 0-60 Magazine and MotorworldHype will also be displayed.

A lot of big news. Very excited about the Five Axis GS and the Icon 4×4 LX.

Lexus to Move to Hybrid-Only?

Lexus Hybrid Engine

When I read Toyota Managing Officer Toshio Furutani’s comments in the Nikkei Business News last week that “in the medium to long term, Toyota was considering making the Lexus lineup hybrid-only”, it barely registered. Now, after seeing it reported over and over, I’ve come to release it might be an idea to post here — this is a Lexus news site, after all.

Honestly, I had always just assumed that eventually Lexus would stop selling conventional gas engines and replace them all with hybrid versions. In fact, with the hybrid version of the RX making up 86% of all European sales and the very technology being so important to the brand’s success there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next-gen RX to be only offered as a hybrid there.

With the exception of the IS-F, picturing a hybrid-only lineup isn’t very difficult at all — and then when you consider the rumor that the LF-A would also be offered as a hybrid, even the IS-F doesn’t seem implausible at all.

(And this doesn’t even take into account the potential brand benefit of being the first mass market car manufacturer to drop conventional engines!)

[Source: Reuters]