Full Lexus 2010 Introduction from the LA Auto Show

The Auto Channel has posted the full LA Auto Show 2010 RX introduction (listed at over eighteen minutes, but only plays for twelve):

First of all, the heads-up display was shown briefly, here’s a screen capture:

Lexus RX Heads-Up Display

Hard to get an accurate idea of the new feature’s implementation, but new details are certain to emerge shortly.

All in all, the video is an interesting watch, certainly much meatier than the edited Lexus release from last week. One point in particular is that the new RX hybrid will deliver an 8% increase in fuel efficiency over the outgoing model, which works out to a 2MPG increase.

Behind the Scenes of the Lexus ES Commercial: Cards

Last week, I posted up a new Lexus ES commercial that featured the talents of Bryan Berg, a professional cardstacker. Well, now we have a backstage pass at the making of this video:

I can’t imagine the tension that must have existed on this set, considering that if the filming of the collapsing cards had somehow been mishandled, the entire structure would have to be recreated. The price of perfection, I suppose.

Welcome to TPP 3.0

The Passionate Pursuit 3.0

Welcome to the new and improved TPP!

At first glace it might not look like a big change, but I’ve made a big switch with the software powering the site, moving from Drupal back to WordPress. Don’t worry, even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, the difference is going to be apparent. Let’s get to a rundown of some new features:

  • First of all, there should be some substantial speed improvements — from my tests it’s a 900% increase, if you can believe it.
  • The Lexus Model Database is now in much better shape, I’ve built it into a real section that’s easy to update and navigate, making it an actually useful feature on the site.
  • Comments are now threaded! This is probably the thing I’m most excited about. Also, I’ve implemented Gravatar support, meaning that commenters can use avatars.
  • There were huge problems with the old commenting system, and I never knew when people had left comments unless I checked manually. That’s been fixed as well.
  • The biggest change is the improved support for advertising. No longer buried, I’ve increased the available options to accommodate an significant interest in banner spots.

Big day, that’s for sure. There’s plenty of little things that need fixing, but hopefully it’s all minor. If you spot any showstopper bugs, though, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Kevin RE Watts

Editor, The Passionate Pursuit

Lexus Remote Touch Controller Demonstration

CNet has posted a LA Auto Show recap of the Lexus RX 450h, which includes a demonstration of the new Remote Touch controller:

Looks to be a very impressive solution — my experience with haptic control is limited to the Nintendo Wii, but the continual feedback moving from menu item to menu item is intuitive and highly useable.

(I wouldn’t be surprised to see this control scheme becoming widely used across all cars.)

Lexus LF-A Makes Appearance at Toyota Motorsports Festival

Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype

Race fans in Japan lucked out this weekend as the Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype took a couple laps around the Fuji Speedway as part of Toyota’s Motorsports Festival. Not only that, but Toyota executive vice-president Akio Toyoda was the man behind the wheel:

Akio Toyoda

The future of the supercar is still the subject of guesswork and speculation, Edmund’s Inside Line had this to say:

Sources believe, however, that the production LF-A is now signed off, and this long awaited 480-horsepower, 200-mph supercoupe will appear at some strategic point in 2009, with a limited run of sales to start later, perhaps in 2010 or 2011.

The recent buzz in Tokyo has been that Toyota is thinking of a 500-unit run with an asking price that would be the equivalent of about $261,000 to $313,000.

All along, the LF-A has been pushed by Akio Toyoda, scion of the Toyoda family that founded the Toyota Motor Corporation, arch motorsport fan and the man widely tipped to be the next Toyota president and CEO.

[Source: Inside Line]