2010 Lexus RX Colors

2010 Lexus RX Colors

Following the discovery of the Lexus IS-C colors, here are the hues of the upcoming 2010 RX:

  • Starfire Pearl
  • Smoky Granite Mica
  • Tungsten Pearl
  • Obsidian
  • Matador Red Mica
  • Golden Almond Metallic
  • Truffle Mica
  • Black Sapphire Pearl
  • Cerulean Blue Metallic
  • Parchment
  • Light Gray
  • Black
  • Wood: Dark Brown or Medium Brown Walnut

Smoky Granite Mica, Obsidian and Matador Red Mica are the only colors carried over from the previous generation, and for better or worse, this means Cerulean Blue Metallic won’t be an IS-C exclusive. (Still, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief that the RX doesn’t come in Ultrasonic Blue.)

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Lexus IS 220d Now Delivering Better MPG & CO2 Emissions

Lexus IS 220d

The European-sold Lexus IS 220d will be seeing a raft of improvements starting this March. From the press release:

  • Revised Lexus IS 220d produces lower emissions,  CO2 figure down from 163 to 148g/km
  • Delivers significant savings in Benefit-in-Kind tax rates and Corporation Tax
  • IS 220d moves into Band C for Vehicle Excise Duty
  • Improved fuel consumption (46.3 to 50.4 mpg Imperial), but no loss in performance
  • Improved specifications for 2009

Beyond the mechanical updates, these improvements benefit companies looking to save money with their corporate fleets, and best of all, these improvements come at no additional cost. The IS 220d remains a strong value within its segment, starting at £22,015.

Full press release follows:

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Lexus Launches the 2010 RX in Japan

2010 Lexus RX

To commemorate the launch of the 2010 RX in Japan, Lexus staged an event at the RX Museum and included a guest appearance from Miss Universe 2007, a Miss Universe 2006 contestant and one very serious looking man:

A Very Serious Man

Lexus also updated their Japanese site to reflect the new addition, and it features a movie that gives some of our first views of the vehicle in motion, retaining that distinctive RX shape from afar:

Lexus RX from afar

This marks the first time the Lexus RX will be sold as a Lexus in Japan, where it was previously available as a Toyota Harrier.

[Source: Lexus]

Akio Toyoda Announced as New President of Toyota

Akio Toyoda

Akio Toyoda, the driving force behind the Lexus LF-A & grandson of Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda, is scheduled to become the Japanese company’s next president & CEO. From the Automotive News:

Toyoda will succeed current President Katsuaki Watanabe in June, the company said today, ending weeks of speculation. An executive vice president since 2005, Toyoda will be 53 when he takes the helm, making him the youngest president in the company’s history.

Some Japanese media are already portraying the affable, motor racing fan as the anointed family prince finally riding to the rescue of a national icon. Speaking at news conference, Toyoda himself said he hopes to someday be seen as the “flag” that rallied a corporate comeback.

This is the same man that drove the LF-A during Toyota’s Motorsports Festival last year, so this certainly bodes well for the LF-A’s future and the continued expansion of the Lexus F-Sport performance line-up.

However, this has to the potential to be something much more significant. Although Toyota just passed GM as the largest automotive manufacturer in the world, the top isn’t an easy place to be. Lexus & Toyota are in tough, and this change may be exactly what it takes to bring some fresh air to both brands.

[Source: Automotive News]

Lexus 2010 RX Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Lexus Canada has launched a very nice promo site for the upcoming 2010 Lexus RX release, and one of their photos clearly displays the new Heads-Up Display (HUD) feature, which features a great looking navigational aid:

Lexus Heads-Up Display (HUD)

The photo is Photoshopped, but obviously entirely accurate. Creating such clear and precise directional cues directly in front of the driver is a feature that could sell the new RX all on its own. Amazing implementation.

The 2010 Lexus RX is expected to arrive in dealerships next month.