Lexus SC on 26″

Just in case you’ve been wondering if 26″ wheels will fit on your first-gen Lexus SC, a Craigslist seller has proven it possible:

Lexus SC on 26in Wheels

Lexus SC on 26 in Wheels

Lexus SC on 26 in Wheels

No details on if the car is from Oakland or how you’re supposed to turn the wheels, but it can be yours for only $14,000!

(For more photos, check out the seller’s Photobucket.)

[Via: Club Lexus]

Lexus LS V6 Coming?

Lexus LS 350

According to Paul Tan, the Lexus LS may be getting a new engine option this year:

This could happen when Lexus unveils the facelift for the LS, which would be due anytime soon as it was launched in the year 2007. A Lexus LS 350 could be powered by the 2GR-FSE 3.5 liter V6 engine incorporating Toyota D4-S twin injection technology, which combines port injection with direct injection. It produces 315 PS and 377Nm of torque, which puts it somewhere in line with the F01/F02 BMW 740i.

If true, this is great news. The 2GR-FSE is the same engine used in the IS 350 & GS 350/450h, which means this V6 LS could also be offered in the same hybrid configuration as the GSh.

(Of course, there’s no guarantee that the LS 350 would be available in North America.)

The Lexamino

The LS Lexamino

Seen on the Street has spotted what can only be called The Lexamino in Birmingham, Alabama — a first-gen LS 400 with a truck bed:

The LS Lexamino

I incorrectly assumed this poor LS400 was the victim of some type of accident, possibly involving a Ryder truck backing into the rear and smashing the back window and roof. That would make this conversion make sense. Fortunately for us the owner of Midfield Motors just wanted an interesting ride and inflicted his creative desires upon the unsuspecting, otherwise normal LS400 several years ago. The Lexamino was his weekend cruiser.  He eventually lost interest and turned it into the advertisement you see today.

Any semblance of good taste aside, it’s hard to fault the craftmanship of the assembly. Who knows, remove the garish decals and horrific wheels and it might not be half-bad…

Sports Executives see Tiger Woods as a Lexus driver

Lexus & Tiger Woods

I thought this was interesting: In the January Turnkey Sports Poll of senior level sports executives and sports owners, Lexus was named as the best fit to replace Buick as Tiger Woods’ automotive sponsor. Here’s how the voting shook out:

  • Lexus, 27.14%
  • BMW, 22.11%
  • Mercedes-Benz, 12.56%
  • Cadillac, 12.56%
  • Jaguar, 6.03%
  • Audi, 5.03%

To be honest, I don’t see it. I do, however, think it suits Cadillac to a tee.

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Lexus Detroit Auto Show Booth Details

Unforeseen circumstances caused a slowdown in posting last week, which means I haven’t had a chance to publish these final things of note from the Detroit Auto Show — First off, here’s a couple great photos of the Lexus booth at the Auto Show, courtesy of mikeh5856 & sjb4photos respectively:

Lexus Detroit Display

Lexus Detroit Display 2

And lastly, here’s an interesting detail about the Lexus representatives from the show:

In a creative show of recycling chic, the Lexus spokespeople are wearing cuffs, earrings and necklaces made from the tailpipes of Lexus vehicles.

[Source: The Tribune]