Fox Marketing Lexus IS-F in Dallas this weekend

The orange modded Lexus IS-F by Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance will be making an appearance at the Hot Import Night in Dallas this Saturday. Here’s a brand new photo of the car along with some other details:

Lexus IS-F Fox Marketing Artisan Performance

[Brian Fox will] have the car at the Dallas HIN on Saturday, and from there he plans to take it to his buddy Kenny Strickler, who will install a Turbonetics GTK350 twin turbo setup. After that the next stop is the Lexus booth at SEMA!

[Source: Car Domain]

Lexus IS 250C Showing at Australia International Auto Show

Lexus IS 250C

Fresh from its debut at the Paris Auto Show, the Lexus IS 250C is now making an appearance at the Australia International Auto Show. When asked about the new convertible, Lexus Australia GM John Roca had this to say:

“For the first time in Lexus history we can now claim we have an IS range…[it] will join the soon-to-be-launched IS-F and new IS 250 sedan to form a very strong backbone for the brand,” Mr Roca said.

“IS 250C has been developed to strict Lexus standards. Its superior NVH suppression, wind turbulence characteristics, ride comfort, interior space and versatility will set a new benchmark for convertibles in its class. It will also arrive at a time when practicality and versatility are driving purchase decisions. IS 250C consumers will not have to choose between sedan versatility and convertible enjoyment.”

Lexus is extremely excited about the addition of IS 250C to the local model line-up in the later half of 2009,” Mr Roca said.

Seems the IS 250C will be taking its time making its way to Australia, but even more than that, Lexus fans down under still don’t have the IS-F?

[Source Japanese Sports Cars]

2001 Lexus IS 300 Commercial: Sufficiently Radical

With all the economic doom & gloom, let’s indulge in some stress of an entirely different sort:

Joe’s a little too risky, if you ask me. His little move has backfire written all over it.

Lexus Global Sales Slipping

Lexus Logo

Responding to a report that Toyota may be unable to achieve its projected global sales target, Senior Managing Director Yoichiro Ichimaru shared some details about the current state of Lexus sales worldwide.

According to Market Watch:

…[Toyota] will open a showroom in Tokyo for its upscale Lexus brand vehicles that is designed to draw in customers from countries outside of Japan.

At the new showroom, located in the center of one of Japan’s fashion districts, the company will offer services to explain Lexus products and Japanese traffic rules in English and other languages.

Lexus is currently struggling to boost sales of its luxury vehicles with sales for the first nine months of this year falling 25% from the same term last year.

Due to the brand’s reliance on the American market, the 25% drop in global sales is understandable, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. Certainly, the number one focus for Lexus management has to be increasing the profile in Europe, if only to insure that similar drops don’t occur in the future.

Europa Press Interviews Lexus Europe Vice-President

Small Lexus

Some interesting facts came out of a Europa Press interview with Lexus Europe vice-president Andy Pfeiffenberger — from the translated text:

…the vice president of the European subsidiary of Toyota said his company expected its sales this year on the European continent will be reduced by about 11%, to about 48,000 units, due to economic weakness, which has resulted in a sharp decline in car registrations in the region, particularly in the markets in Spain, Italy, Britain and Germany.

The new vice president of the company on the European continent stressed that “probably in the future” Lexus brand will become a “fundamentally hybrid,” in which the highest sales volume for this technology.

Pfeiffenberger explained that the subsidiary of the Toyota group is considering making a new compact model in order to compete with cars like the BMW 1 Series or the Audi A3, which are in a segment in which the Japanese firm is not present at present.

An 11% drop certainly isn’t good news, but at least it’s lower than the projected US number. It also gives us some insight to the overall brand growth in Europe, where statistics are far and few between.

As far as the Lexus competitor to the 1-Series or the A3, I’ve gone from one extreme to the other, where it’s now to a point where it’s probably the vehicle I’m most looking forward to in the Lexus lineup.

[Source: Europa Press via AutoblogGreen]