Lexus SC’s Gone Wild Video

A group of dedicated first-gen Lexus SC owners from Club Lexus have put together an extraordinary video tribute to their cars, complete with synchronized routines and even a touch of humor:

Great job by everyone involved, it’s definitely “the passionate pursuit” in full effect.

Top Gear Comparison: Lexus IS-F vs. BMW M3 vs. Mercedes C63 vs. Audi RS4

Lexus IS-F vs. BMW M3 vs. Mercedes C63 vs. Audi RS4

We knew from last month’s Top Gear article that Tom Ford was quite impressed by the Lexus IS-F, though he wasn’t quite sure how it stacked up against its competitors. Well, now the answer’s out, as Ford got a chance to compare the IS-F with the BMW M3, Mercedes C63 and the Audi RS4:

The way these cars operate and handle makes you want to Frankenstein the ultimate super-saloon from various bits because, though all are brilliant, none is perfect.

So who wins?

Well, after much deliberation, endless circular conversation and several pints of strong cider, the answer is: nobody. There is no ‘best’ in this group. I’ve tried to isolate a winner, but it just can’t be done. Each has strengths and weaknesses, some that you’d be prepared to live with more than others, but they’re not necessarily deal-breakers.

For me it goes like this: I want a C63 to play with, because it makes me feel like a 17-year-old, but it’d tire me out if I drove it everyday. I want an RS4 day-to-day, but think I’d hanker after something more throttle-adjustable now and again. The M3 is the best all-rounder, but I’m not really into the M3 image and ubiquity.

So there’s the Lexus. Brilliant, exciting, slightly mad Lexus. It’s flawed. It’s not for the hardcore among us. But for some reason I’m drawn to it. Drawn to the technology, drawn to the fact there’ll only be 150 in the UK per year. Drawn to its oddness.

If Lexus had went as far as to pay off Tom Ford, I doubt they could have asked for a better comparison. The quote above is a great summary of how the cars stack up to one another, and while the refusal to pick a clear winner might seem wishy-washy, there’s merit to it. Personal taste is really the only way to choose among these cars.

Photos of the Lexus Hybrid Living Suites

Lexus Hybrid Living Suites

Design blog Cool Hunting got a chance to check out the Lexus/Fairmont Hybrid Living Suites, and were quite impressed by what they saw:

It’s rare, but sometimes brand as curator actually works. [Lexus’] lifestyle marketing efforts succeeds where others don’t by leading the way in the burgeoning field of eco-luxury with style and attention to detail. In a word, it’s good.

Best of all, they took some photos of the coffee table covered in the leather of castoff Lexus’:

Lexus Leather Coffee Table

There’s plenty of details in Cool Hunting’s write-up, the suite designer Kelly LaPlante went to great lengths to create something special, and from the photos, I’d say she succeeded.

Lexus Lifestyle Marketing

Lexus Luxury Lifestyle

Autoweek has a story about Lexus’ latest grassroots marketing campaign, and it’s much more than teaming up with the Fairmont Hotel chain to create the “hybrid-living suites”:

For a more routine hotel stay, Lexus owners at 13 other boutique hotels receive $100 vouchers for dining and spa services. Those hotels also will offer no-charge access to Lexus vehicles to test drive.

“We don’t want to deviate too far from cars, but in the middle of the ownership cycle, we can’t just abandon our customers and make the dealer do all the work,” Bolain said.

Lexus also is launching a concierge service that informs owners of local food, wine and golf events sponsored by Lexus.

Then there are the little things that seem big. For instance, Lexus has made a deal with National CineMedia to offer private screenings of upcoming blockbuster movies. This summer, Lexus owners in select cities can see an advance showing of Indiana Jones–complete with dinner and popcorn–at no charge.

“It’s just our way of saying thanks for being a customer,” Bolain said.

Put this alongside the initiative to create a more involving dealership experience, Lexus is certainly looking to grow their brand beyond just “a company that sells cars” to an active part of their customer’s lifestyle. There’s a real appeal to the direction, and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

I’ll admit, when it was first announced that Lexus would be dropping the Taste of Lexus event, it had me scratching my head, I wasn’t entirely sure of the logic. But between this and the new Lexus Performance Driving Academy, Taste of Lexus was on the verge of becoming redundant anyway.

Lexus IS-F TV Commercial

Though the Lexus IS-F’s national advertising campaign is limited strictly to movie theaters, dealers were also given a commercial made up of three of the 15-second ads. Here’s one for Lexus Stevens Creek, located in San Jose:

They work really well sewn together like this, the end result is very impressive.