Video of the 1997 Lexus RX300 SLV Concept

On the eve of the new 2010 Lexus RX debut, I thought it would be a good time to reach back and take a look at the introduction of the original RX, including some footage of the Lexus SLV concept, courtesy of Motor Week:

Would the RX have been as successful with that trunk spoiler on the production model? Too bad we’ll never know.

(The new 2010 RX debuts tomorrow at 1:20PST, so expect a torrent of info throughout the day.)

Lexus ES 350 Commercial: Cards

This new Lexus ES commercial continues the “behind every detail, there’s a detail” marketing campaign:

It might not be as successful as the first riff on this theme, but the nod to the original LS champagne glass commercial more than makes up for it.

The Quantum of Lexus

I found this promo video for the Lexus LS 600hL a few days ago, but decided to wait on posting it until today’s release of Quantum of Solace — while they’re totally unrelated, but the music is straight out of a James Bond movie:

(Been looking forward to this movie for months — so much in fact, I’ve started reading all the Ian Fleming novels.)

Flickr Find: Key to the Future

Lexus of Tulsa is in the process of building a new dealership building, and employee Austin Colbert decided to commemorate the event with this photo:

Lexus of Tulsa Construction

Edited for clarity: It reminds me of my ‘94 LS valet key, but commenters have told me valet keys are now grey and this is now the standard key design. Still, it makes me want to geek out and assemble a timeline of key styles.

2009 Lexus IS UK Pricing

2009 Lexus IS

Somehow this slipped by me, but the UK prices for the 2009 Lexus IS were announced earlier this week and show some significant savings over last year’s model. Here’s a full table breakdown, courtesy of 4WheelsNews:

IS 220d £23,192 IS 220d SE £22,490 £702
IS 220d SE £25,842 IS 220d SE-I £24,995 £847
IS 220d SE-L £27,942 IS 220d SE-L £27,160 £782
IS 250 £24,127 IS 250 SE £23,200 £927
IS 250 auto £24,937 IS 250 SE auto £24,010 £927
IS 250 SE £26,777 IS 250 SE-I £25,720 £1,057
IS 250 SE auto £27,587 IS 250 SE-I auto £26,530 £1,057
IS 250 SE-L £29,687 IS 250 SE-L £28,850 £837

Of course, the big deal here is that the new 2009 IS has just been revamped, so getting a price drop on top of the improvements is a jolly-good deal.