Lexus Power of H Commercial: Solar Tree

Power of H, Lexus’ hybrid marketing campaign, has put out three non-product infommercials featuring example of green engineering. First, we watched homes being built from shipping containers, then a bridge that uses the passing cars to generate electricity, and now the final installment about a Solar “Tree” built in Italy:

These videos may have been made with marketing in mind, but that really doesn’t take away from their messages. Each clip is incredibly interesting, and definitely worth taking the time to watch.

Rumor of a Lexus IS-F Evolution

Lexus IS-F Evolution

According to Japanese auto magazine Best Car, Lexus continues to work on a lightweight version of the IS-F, dubbed the IS-F Evolution.

The main focus on the IS-F Evolution would be reducing weight, where up to 300lbs could be dropped by using carbon fiber anywhere possible. Possible body panels would include the front bumper, front fenders, the rear bumper and rear “over-fenders” (??). The car could also be equipped with carbon ceramic brakes and wider wheels (245/35/19 front and 275/30/19 rear). Best Car even mentions the possiblity of an all carbon body option, but that seems a little fanciful.

Even the interior would get the carbon treatment, with carbon leather Recaro front seats and an all-carbon center console.

All this carbon wouldn’t be cheap, and Best Car estimates that the IS-F Evolution could hit $170,000USD. This would be a higher pricetag than the Nissan GTR Spec-V, which in turn pushes this rumor into questionable territory. On top of everything, Best Car was also responsible for the first rumor of this vehicle two years ago, and has yet to be verified by any other source.

(And really, Evolution?)

[Source: Best Car via 7tune]

Lexus Canada February 2009 Sales Report

Lexus Logo

After a year of setting sales records in 2008, Lexus Canada is feeling the pinch of the shaky economic climate with sales in February dropping 24.4% compared to last year to 1,303 units sold.

That said, the RX 350 continues to be a strong seller, and with the introduction of the 2010 model mid-month, sales jumped 28.4% with 276 units sold.

(I’m looking forward to seeing the Canada/US numbers next month, the new RX should boost everything up quite a bit — and that’s not even including the RX 450h.)

[Source: Toyota]

Consumer Reports Names Lexus LS 460 Best Overall Vehicle of 2009

Lexus LS 460

Consumer Reports’ love affair with the Lexus LS 460 continues — first was their astonishing 99/100 score in 2007, followed by a win as 2008’s top luxury sedan — and now CR has named the LS 460 the best overall vehicle of 2009:

With a road-test score of 99 out of 100, this is our highest-scoring vehicle. It provides a luxurious, uncompromising driving environment, with a supremely comfortable ride and a roomy, well-finished, and exceptionally quiet interior. The LS is brimming with electronic amenities, yet the controls are easy to use. Its 380-hp, 4.6-liter V8 and eight-speed automatic transmission deliver smooth, quick acceleration and relatively good fuel economy. All-wheel drive is available for 2009.

The ES 350 also scored well in 2009, receiving a mark of 91/100 and placing tenth overall .

[Source: Consumer Reports]

Healthy Start

Fresh Start

Regular readers may have noticed that the Lexus news hasn’t been all that frequent lately, and I’d like to explain just what’s been happening “behind-the-scenes” here at TPP.

First of all, I’ve been extremely sick these last three weeks, having been hit by an extremely nasty cold that made it hard to do much of anything. I came down with the bug right after the Toronto Auto Show, which irritates me to no end — I haven’t even had time to look through all the photos I took or really reflect on what the vehicles were like in person.

The good news is that I’m feeling much better and posting will be picking up. In fact, I’ve got plans for big changes around here, starting with a name change: at some point over the next two weeks, The Passionate Pursuit will be switching to The Lexus Enthusiast. This is the first step in some much bigger plans, which includes new site features and some large, long-term content projects.

Short-term, I have a ton of articles to post up and plenty of research to dig into, so let’s get this car back on the road. More future details shortly…