Auto Guide Reviews the Lexus IS F-Sport Performance Parts

2009 Lexus IS350 with F-Sport Accessories

Auto Guide has put together a review of the F-Sport performance accessories available for the Lexus IS 350, and came away impressed with the results—here are some of their observations:

We did note the sexy new timbre to the motor’s voice [due to the F-Sport intake & exhaust], however. Tipping the throttle produces an aggressive, deep bellow from the V6, as opposed to the sanitary silence of the stocker. Conversations inside the car became slightly more difficult and we wondered how well the voice-activated Bluetooth/Navigation system might react to the additional decibels.

Also, where the 18-inch wheels and “summer” tires which come as a part of the $5100 Navigation/DVD package will generate true speed of only 78 miles per hour when the speedometer needle points to 80, the 19-inch F-Sport wheels and tires register 81 miles per hour due to their greater circumference, as verified with a Garmin Nuvi GPS unit.

Auto Guide does suggest that the stock suspension on the IS is in “Camry” territory, which I had to shake my head at, but for the most part the review gives a very accurate account of what the F-Sport accessories can offer.

[Source: Car Guide] (Thanks Oranji!)

Javier Quiros Racing the Lexus IS-F @ Nürburgring

This is just plain wild—here’s Javier Quiros, one of the drivers of the recent Lexus LFA race win and owner of a Lexus dealership in Costa Rica, piloting an IS-F around Nürburgring on a practice run:

Crazy how you can almost feel the downshifts, especially with that rough audio blip. An interesting perspective, it also reminds me of that James Sloyan IS-F commercial.

New Lexus LX 570 Print Ads from Australia

Took a second for me to figure out these new Australia print ads for the Lexus LX 570, be sure to click on the images for a larger version:

Lexus LX570 Print Ad Canyon

Lexus LX570 Print Ad: Mountains

These remind me of the previously featured LX 570 print ads from last year.

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Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Lexus IS 250

Lexus IS250

In a comment on my last post, TLE reader Jay wanted to know if the current Lexus IS had ever made it onto the Top Gear show. The answer, it turns out, is “No” (though their magazine counterpart did name it the Best Executive/Luxury Car in 2005).

Later on, I found something much more interesting—in 2006, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the car for The Times, here’s an excerpt:

It’s hard at first to see what makes the Lexus brand as uniquely male as a Leatherman or a hunter-killer submarine. The IS a pretty car and we know from every single survey ever undertaken that no other vehicle on the planet is quite so well made.

Of course there are some things wrong with it. Space in the back is limited, the seats aren’t overly supportive, the steering is way too sharp and the door mirrors are the size of barn doors. But since when did a woman ever complain about a mirror being too large? Perhaps, then, it’s the rev counter that glows orange as you approach the red line. “Noooooo” wailed my wife after she came back from the school run. “I loved that. I made it orange the whole way home.”

What then? What feature does this car have that makes it so unappealing for women? My wife couldn’t help. “I just don’t like it,” she said.

Clarkson’s anti-Lexus rants borderline on the irrational, but he still reviews a car like no other. Still, is there a more feminine luxury vehicle than the RX? Maybe things are different in Europe, or maybe Clarkson wasn’t considering SUVs.

[Source: The Times]

Classic Top Gear: 1999 Lexus IS 200 Review

In keeping with the IS theme from yesterday, here’s a throwback Top Gear segment from 1999, with James May test-driving the first-generation Lexus IS 200:

James May certainly looks quite young—but still exhibits that special “Captain Slow” driving style. It does sound like IS 200 suffered the same sort of low-band power deficiency that I experienced in the second-gen IS 250.