Lexus Japan releases Red-Edge Black Interior for the IS

The IS also received an interior treatment from Lexus Japan, with the Red-Edge Black Special Edition, very similar to the Meteor Black GS edition:

Lexus IS with Red-Edge Black Interior 1

Lexus IS with Red-Edge Black Interior 2

Lexus IS with Red-Edge Black Interior 3

Loving that red stitching — it’s a great accent color, a real eye-catcher. (Still partial to the red carpet in last year’s Passionate Black interior, though.)

This special edition interior is available in both the IS 250 & IS 350 models, but not the IS convertible or the IS-F. It’s also Japan-only, limited to 500 units, and will be commanding a ¥222,000 ($2,250 USD) premium over the regular model when it goes on sale at the end of March.

The special trim looks to be a brushed metal, but I can’t really tell for sure. Anyone familiar with Japanese want to fill us in?

Lexus Japan releases Meteor Black Interior for the GS

Lexus Japan has been known to release some incredibly nice limited edition interiors, and they’re back at it again with the Meteor Black interior for the GS:

Lexus GS Meteor Black Interior 3

Lexus GS Meteor Black Interior 3

Lexus GS Meteor Black Interior 3

Lexus GS Meteor Black Interior 4

The interior starts off with the default black semi-aniline leather, and then all of the stitching is two-tone black & red with silver accents. Also, both interior wood trims are unique, according to the press release.

The interior is available in any GS configuration, including the GS hybrid, but is limited to 300 sales.

Building the Lexus Enform 3D City

This is just amazing — take a look at this byHook video that documents their construction of the 3D city in Lexus’ Enform presentation video:

Watching 3D being built never fails to astonish me, especially when it’s viewed in 10X speed.

Lexus HS 250h Back in Disguise

Lexus HS 250h Disguised

After revealing the HS 250h for all to see at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus is back to camouflaging its new hybrid sedan in public, which Motor Trend managed to snag on camera. Here’s another photo:

Lexus HS 250h Disguised

The reasoning might be that this is a pre-Detroit mule with some new mechanical tweaks, or it might signal some minor cosmetic changes. Considering the camo placement, this could mean a revised front grille and some rear-light modification, but it’s all but impossible to tell. Personally, I’d prefer some further character in the side profile, what would you do to the HS before its launch?

Lexus USA February 2009 Sales Report

Lexus Logo

The Lexus USA sales numbers for February have been released, and it’s just plain depressing:

2009 2008 % Change
IS250/350/F 2,147 3,906 -42.7
ES350 2,575 4,795 -44.1
GS350/460/450h 595 1,422 -56.4
SC430 76 189 -58.1
LS460/600h L 700 1,891 -61.4
Total Cars 6,093 12,203 -48.0
RX350/400h 6,218 6,956 -6.9
GX470 516 1,549 -65.3
LX570 281 569 -48.6
Total Trucks 7,015 9,074 -19.5
Total Sales 13,108 21,277 -35.8

The fact that car sales are down almost 50% under last year is frightening — but let’s put it into context with some competitor’s stats:

2009 2008 % Change
Audi 4,653 6,152 -24.4
BMW 12,979 20,775 -37.5
Infiniti 6,359 10,068 -36.8
Mercedes 14,199 18,564 -23.5

Misery loves company.