Lexus Launches HS 250h Teaser Site

Lexus HS 250h Badge

In preparation of the debut of the new HS 250h hybrid sedan at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus has updated their website to include a small microsite.

While it’s basically just an email form and the above badge image, there is one other interesting detail. According to the microsite, the HS 250h will not be released until Fall 2009, which is later than expected (most rumors suggest a Summer 2009 release).

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Destroys a Lexus

Just in case you didn’t know how Jeremy Clarkson felt about Lexus, his position should be abundantly clear after viewing this excerpt from his new DVD Thriller:

Sure, we’ve heard him refer to the SC 430 as the “worst car currently available”, and last month he refused to even admit he liked the IS-F, but blowing up an LS 400 with a tank makes it a vendetta.

I’d launch into an all-out debunk of his points, but in light of the Tesla fiasco this week, and it’s quite clear Clarkson’s a caricature, with little regard for reason. Makes for good viewing, but little else.

Custom Lexus IS-F Exhaust by Royal Muffler

Listen to this custom Lexus IS-F exhaust treatment from Royal Muffler, a company based out of California:

This design is unique among the current IS-F options as it’s using four race mufflers rather than the more typical muffler/resonator combination. According to Club Lexus, the price is $2,300, which includes install and lifetime warranty. Certainly on the pricy side, but it’s hard to argue the results.

[Via: Luxvelocity]

Former Lexus VP Leaves Chrysler

Lexus Logo

It’s only been eighteen months since Deborah Wahl Meyer left Lexus to become Chrysler’s Chief Marketing Officer — unfortunately, it was eighteen months that were especially unkind to the automotive industry:

As Chrysler heads into a month-long plant shutdown, the automaker has announced a realignment of its sales and marketing operations.

After 18 months on the job, Chrysler CMO Deborah Meyer is stepping down from her post, effective immediately, in order to pursue “other opportunities,” per the company. The short-lived chief marketing position is being eliminated altogether.

Meyer joined Chrysler in August 2007 from Toyota Motor Sales USA, where she served as vp, marketing of the company’s Lexus unit. She was Toyota’s first CMO.

As you may remember, Meyer was one of two high profile departures from Toyota’s senior management last year. Former Lexus General Manager Jim Farley also left the company, taking on the CMO position at Ford.

I wonder if either would like a mulligan now?

[Source: Adweek]

Subwoofers with a Side Order of Lexus GS

Here’s a Lexus I missed covering during SEMA 2008 — this GS 350’s sound system packs such a massive punch, they had to take the roof right off:

Lexus GS 350 Massive Subs

Lexus GS 350 Massive Subs

Lexus GS 350 Massive Subs

Besides the fact that it’s part of California’s Swift Car club, there isn’t much in the way of details. I did find this massive photo gallery, though.

[Source: CarDomain Blog]