Club Lexus California Meet Photos

Lexus Meet @ Backyard Creations

I just discovered a pile of photos of various Club Lexus meets in California, all taken by The Perfect Exposure — take a look at some of these rides:

Club Lexus Meet 1

Club Lexus Meet 2

Club Lexus Meet 2

Blacked out is my hands-down favorite look right now, and that IS is just proves the point. Love the red L wheelcaps. (And that’s just a small sample of the images, there’s a proverbial ton of photos to look through on The Perfect Exposure’s weblog.)

Car & Driver Continues Lexus Bashing

The minute I heard the voiceover of this Car & Driver video preview of the Lexus HS 250h, I knew we were in for a treat:

Jens Meiner, who put in one of the most derisive 2010 RX preview videos last year, clearly outdid himself with this preview of the HS — my favorite quote:

“Those [HS gas mileage] numbers will be hard to duplicate in real life driving, unless you have a very light gas foot, you do a lot of city driving, or actually you’re driving a diesel.”

So, is C&D now the North American arm of Auto Motor Und Sport? Not liking the HS is one thing, but slamming a car you haven’t yet driven is just bush league.

2010 Lexus RX Features Video Demonstrations

Over the weekend, Lexus posted some short CGI videos on Youtube that show how some of the new 2010 RX features work:

Heads-up Display and Available Remote Touch

Double Wishbone Rear Suspension

Intelligent Highbeam Headlamps

Available Seat Functions

Radar Cruise Control

Advanced AWD

VDIM Technology

This fits well with Motor Trend’s RX comparison, it’s easy to see how their reviewers were impressed by the technology behind the new SUV.

Motor Trend Comparison: 2010 Lexus RX 450h vs. BMW M5 vs. Volkswagen Touareg

Lexus RX 450h, Mercedes ML320, BMW X5 & Volkswagen Touarag

Motor Trend has pushed out the first comparison of the Lexus RX 450h with its peers — in this config, the newly redesigned SUV goes up against the BMW X5, Mercedes ML320 & the Volkswagen Touareg. Biggest point of interest? The RX had the quickest 0-60 @ 6.4s, 0.3s faster than the X5 and more than 1.4s faster than the Touareg.

Here’s some other key points regarding the RX:

That’s just a taste of the Lexus’s slickly integrated technology. Everywhere you look, the RX 450h is awash in electronic goodies, from the crisp, organic LED display to headlamps that automatically douse their high beams for oncoming traffic to a game-changing telematics controller called Remote Touch. Like a cross between a touch screen and trackball, it allows the user to actually feel the pointer contact icons and virtual buttons. It’s spooky at first, but quick to win converts. “Remote touch does just as its name implies, imparting a rewarding sense of feel and touch as you swirl the ‘mouse’ over the screen. Locks neatly into the various menu buttons, and generally works intuitively,” says St. Antoine. Williams is equally impressed, “If every vehicle gets something like this in 10 years I won’t be surprised.”

If it’s spending weekdays in stop-and-go traffic and weekends roaming the urban jungle, then the value-laden Lexus may be for you. “Sure, it can’t compete in towing, off-road abilities, and cruise range, but it does everything else pretty well. Plenty fun, responsive, and capable for the soccer moms and baseball dads running around the suburbs,” says Kiino. St. Antoine agrees, “Overall, there’s a lot of tech for the money built into this rig, but it’s almost completely lacking in “SUV” feel.”

In the end, the RX 450h comes up second behind the Touareg, mostly because of the RX’s lack of offroad & towing capacity, but I’d say this is a very positive showing for the new model. Praise was especially strong for the Remote Touch system, which bodes well for the touchscreen replacement.

On top of everything, these videos summarizing the review are great watching:

(Thanks Stan!)

TPP @ The Canadian International Auto Show

Canadian International Auto Show

Just wanted to post a quick update on some things that will be happening this week, namely the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. I’ll be attending the event during the Media Days, and will be able to spend some quality time with the new Lexus models.

The HS 250h will be presented at Lexus’ press conference on Wednesday, and I’m sure the RX 350/450h will be on the show floor. I’d also like to get a good look at the IS convertible, and I have my fingers crossed the LF-A Roadster will make an appearance.

Without a doubt, I’m really looking forward to the experience, and will certainly be weighing in with my impressions of the new models. Also, if anyone has specific questions, or would like a certain photo taken, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request.

(I will be updating TPP’s new Twitter account while at the show, so be sure to subscribe and follow along!)