Kelley Blue Book Drives the 2015 Lexus NX

Lexus NX 200t

Jack Nerad from Kelley Blue Book has a positive review of the 2015 Lexus NX:

Designed to look like it was poured from a single batch of molten metal, the all-new NX isn’t just the right size, but it is also so filled with technical innovation and engineering sleight of hand that it is hard to recount it all.

…as a package the NX doesn’t disappoint at all.  It looks good, has a beautifully appointed interior and offers a high level of fun-to-drive along with quiet comfort. Boy racers might find the F Sport version a bit vanilla, but we doubt they are seeking a crossover in the first place.

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A Closer Look at the Lexus RC F Instrument Panel

Lexus RC F Instrument Panel

Let’s take a closer look at the RC F instrument panel in this new video from Lexus International:

The video goes by in a blur, so here’s a static video showing the RC F instrument panel:

Lexus Unconcerned with LS Sedan Sales Decline

Lexus LS 2015

WardsAuto has an interesting interview with Brian Smith, the Lexus USA vice-president of sales, regarding the current LS sedan and its sales struggle against new competitors:

“We don’t feel it’s a problem with the car,” Brian Smith, vice president-marketing for Lexus in the U.S., tells WardsAuto here during a Lexus NX media event. “Many of the buyers in that segment want what’s new and they’re trying it.”

What’s new is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which is getting rave reviews and racking up the growth to show for them. S-Class sales rose 81.8% through May, to 6,381 units.

“[Tesla Model S sales are] right behind Mercedes in volume,” he says. WardsAuto estimates Model S sales tallied 4,600 units through May, down 6.2% from the same period year-ago.

Smith believes most S-Class sales are to brand loyalists who wait for a new generation of the sedan, but some LS buyers may be trying a Tesla.

“They’ll probably come back,” he says. “I think the question remains to be seen how many people will buy a second Tesla.”

Releasing a major refresh in 2012 instead of an all new LS was a curious decision, though it’s important to remember that Lexus was working very hard to bring the spindle grille to every model — a very costly and resource-intensive project.

Despite the strategic value of such a move, it put the LS in a tough position — the new model was not yet ready for release, and there’s no way the Lexus flagship sedan could miss out on the new corporate face. In the end, Lexus had no choice but to stretch out the current model.

Obviously, it would have been ideal for the LS sedan to maintain its sales level, but that’s just not possible with a seven-year-old model. However, the extended development time does suggest that the next-generation LS will be something special.

(And when will the next-generation LS arrive? With no camouflaged prototypes or rumors of any kind, it’s all just a guess. Could be next year, and could just as easily be 2016.)

[Source: WardsAuto]

Video: Car Advice Drives the 2015 Lexus NX

Lexus NX Car Advice Review

Car Advice Australia have published their video preview of the Lexus NX:

There’s also a text review for a more in-depth assessment of the new compact crossover:

The German brands have worried about rival Lexus models since the LS made a noise in 1989 with its hushed refinement.

The Lexus NX isn’t going to upset the establishment in quite the same manner but it’s unquestionably competitive. How uncomfortable it makes life for its rivals, however, could also be determined by how buyers respond to that aggressive styling.

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Lexus IS Aero Kit Released by Japanese Tuner TOM’S


Japanese tuner TOM’S has released their first aero kit for the third-generation Lexus IS:

The full kit includes a front spoiler, side skirts, rear under spoiler and a trunk spoiler — a quad exhaust system is also being offered. Here’s a video with the car in motion:

The TOM’S aero package will retail in Japan for ¥180,000 ($1,770 USD), with the quad exhaust setup costing an additional ¥150,000 ($1,470 USD).

[Source: TOM'S]