Lexus To Build Modified RC F with Help from Instagram Followers

Lexus Insta-Build RC F

Lexus USA is tapping its Instagram followers to decide how an RC F will be modified for this year’s SEMA auto show in Las Vegas:

Lexus Insta-Build RC F Choices

1) Drift – Rear drive and V8, the RC F was basically built to get sideways. Should we strip it out, cage it, and let it realize its destiny?

2) VIP – Some would say it’s ludicrous to get low and plush with a car like the RC F, but when’s the last time you cared what others said?

3) Track – Do we create a more intense version of the RC F by adding a few hp, tightening up the suspension, and making this coupe even stickier?

To vote, leave a comment on this Instagram photo with your choice — my unscientific calculation puts #3 in the lead, which would be my choice as well.

[Source: Lexus USA Instagram Via: Lexpressions]

PETRONAS TOM’S Lexus RC F Wins Super GT Round 7

Lexus Petronas RC F Racing

The PETRONAS TOM’S racing team of Kazuki Nakajima & James Rossiter have won the Super GT Round 6 GT500 class in the #36 Lexus RC F. The race took place at the Chang International Circuit in Thailand.

This is the second round in a row that the PETRONAS TOM’S racing team have won.

Here are highlights from the race courtesy of the Super GT Youtube channel:

The KeePer’s TOM’S RC F team of Daisuke Ito & Andrea Caldarelli were the next highest Lexus team at fifth place.

The first place finish today has put the PETRONAS TOM’S team at the top of the season standings, followed by the KeePer TOM’S team in second overall. Only one point separates the two teams.

The next Super GT race will be October 5th in Thailand.

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Lexus GS F Prototype Spotted on Nürburgring

Lexus GS F Hero

The new Lexus GS F prototype has been spotted getting some laps in at the Nürburgring — from World Car Fans:

Lexus GS F Nürburgring Front

Lexus GS F Nürburgring Side

Lexus GS F Nürburgring Rear

(Looking forward to the eventual GS F prototype video, if only to hear the engine note — have to figure it’s going to be the same RC F V8, perhaps with a minor horsepower boost.)

See more photos of the Lexus GS F Prototype

Lexus to Build a CT-Based Sedan?

Lexus CT Sedan Rumor

Lexus is considering a CT-based compact sedan, according to a Motoring Australia interview with Lexus International president Tokuo Fukuichi:

“This is also a new product that … we consider about the possibility in the market. We have a chance to develop something like this,” said Fukuichi, who is also the global design chief of Toyota and Scion.

When pressed about the existence of such a car, the notoriously cagey Japanese design guru virtually confirmed a concept car would preview the small sedan at the 2015 Geneva motor show in March.

“Yes. Wait till next year, at the Geneva motor show,” he said with a wide grin, unable to contain his excitement.

This would be a smart move by Lexus. It adds more options for entry-level customers, and there’s some real potential with a stylish compact sedan in the same mold as the Audi A3 & Mercedes CLA.

When asked about possible engines, Fukuichi-san had this to say:

“We need to think about the many possibilities [for drivetrains]. We have to think about environment. We try to think about hybrid engines, turbo engines too,” he said.

This might be putting the cart before the horse, but does that mean a turbo engine will be offered in the next generation CT as well?

[Source: Motoring Australia]

Lexus Creates Virtual Reality RC F Simulator

Lexus RC F Rift

Lexus has created a virtual RC F simulator using the Oculus Rift headset — here’s a look at the video experience in stereo:

The RC F Rift simulator will be playable at upcoming auto shows, beginning at the Orange County Auto Show this week. There will also be stops at SEMA & the LA Auto Show in November.

[Via: Venture Beat]