Is Lexus Planning a Sub-NX Compact Crossover?

Lexus NX Smaller Crossover

Lexus International president Tokuo Fukuichi discussed the possibility of a crossover smaller than the NX with Australian website GoAuto:

Meanwhile, discussing a possible sub-NX crossover for the Japanese luxury brand to compete against the Mercedes-Benz GLA and BMW X1, Mr Fukuichi said it would depend on whether Toyota had the appropriate platform to share.

“We have many kinds of product with the Toyota brand we have to share, but we can think about smaller product also,” he said. “Actually we cannot say about planning. We have to make a strategy to share with Toyota brand. Which brand is better for the smaller one.”

It just so happens that Toyota released a concept at last week’s Paris Motor Show that fits the bill — the C-HR is a small crossover that reportedly combines the “original late-90s RAV4 with the Prius and the GT86″:

Toyota C-HR Concept

(This marks the second time a Lexus executive has mentioned a sub-NX model — a couple months back, Lexus Europe vice president Alain Uyttenhoven discussed the possibility with Autocar.)

[Source: GoAuto]

Photo Gallery: Lexus NX 200t F SPORT in Seattle

Lexus NX 200t F SPORT Seattle Europe

Lexus Europe has released a massive collection of NX photos as part of their press launch in Seattle — I’m going to break the photos up by model, starting with the NX 200t F SPORT.

NX 200t F SPORT Exterior

NX 200t F SPORT Interior

What Should the Next-Generation Lexus SC Look Like?

Lexus SC Rendering

For the cover of their latest issue, Best Car has taken a guess at what the rumored next-generation Lexus SC might look like.

The Japanese magazines have standardized on a look for this new Lexus super-coupe — compare the image above with this rendering from Holiday Auto:

Lexus SC Rendering Holiday Auto

Before the RC F was released, I would have thought these designs were too “concept car”, but now I’m convinced that the next Lexus coupe will stay true to the LF-LC concept. Of course, I also expect the design will be modernized and adjusted — after all, the LF-LC was released three years ago and the Lexus design has matured quite a bit.

So how accurate do you think these renderings will be?

[Source: Best Car Facebook]

Lexus IS 350 F SPORT Wins Road & Track Sports Sedan Comparison

Lexus Road & Track Comparison

Road & Track has compared the Lexus IS350 F SPORT, BMW 335i, Cadillac ATS V6, and the Infiniti Q50 — here’s the result:

From the moment we sunk into the black-on-black interior, we were struck by how determinedly idiosyncratic the IS 350 seems. There are deep seats with handsome stitching set in an angular collection of black plastics and tech-happy switchgear. The whole look is kind of a Nineties vision of the 2010s—not retro, but Yesterday’s Future Today.

The Infiniti has gadgets to “help” you, the BMW has motor and hereditary manners, and the Caddy is a milled ingot of doubly refined handling. But the Lexus puts it all together better and lets you enjoy it more, for less money—even optioned to the gills—than anything else here.

Read the full Road & Track Sports Sedan Comparison

Video: The Inspiration Behind the Lexus Color Palette

Lexus Color Designer

Here’s a Lexus International video profile of color designer Momoko Okamoto, who’s responsible for many of the unique colors used on Lexus models:

(I might have seen a glimpse of the now-discontinued Daybreak Yellow exterior color used on the CT 200h — could you imagine that color on an IS or NX?)