Lexus USA Releases NX 200t & NX 300h Pricing

Lexus NX 300h

USA pricing for the Lexus NX was announced today, with the NX 200t starting at $35,405 and the NX 300h at $40,645.

Front-wheel drive is standard on both models, and adding all-wheel drive will add $1,400 to the price of the NX 200t and $1,590 to the NX 300h.

Standard features include power seats, a backup camera, NuLuxe upholstery and 17-inch wheels. Navigation, blind-spot monitor and pre-collision are all available as stand-alone options.

The Premium Package will be $2,670 for the NX 200t and $2,890 for the NX 300h, and adds a memory driver’s seat, 18-inch wheels, heated and ventilated seats, a moonroof and upgraded DRLs and turn signals.

The Luxury Package will be $4,505 for the NX 200t and $4,885 for the NX 300, and includes the Premium Package plus a heated steering wheel, rain-sensing wipers, power liftgate, leather and wood trim.

Pricing on the NX F SPORT has yet to be released. The NX first goes on sale on November 18 on the West Coast, and on November 26 on the East Coast.

[Source: Motor Trend & Kicking Tires]

Lexus Poland Celebrates NX Arrival with Donuts

Lexus NX Donuts

NX shipments have started arriving across Europe, so Lexus Poland decided to celebrate the occasion with some GS 450h donuts around the delivery trucks:

Lexus NX 200t & NX 300h Performance Tested by Motor Trend

Lexus NX Motor Trend

Jonny Lieberman of Motor Trend has posted the first third-party performance figures for the Lexus NX, and has this to say:

Here’s the big takeaway: While not an athlete, the NX is still a pretty groovy little trucklette, never mind the hybrid version that will only account for 10 percent of total sales.

Going up against the Q5, the NX is a little less expensive and, of course, comes with that unbeatable Lexus reputation for longevity — something that Audi simply doesn’t have. The looks of the Lexus are absolutely polarizing, but that only means half the people will love it.

Combine the above with a luxurious, high-tech cockpit and I think Lexus will be doing even more numbers-fiddling than it already has. Do you disagree? Put another way, would you bet against the NX? Not me, man. Not me.

Read the full Motor Trend Lexus NX Performance Test

Global Lexus Hybrid Sales Since 2005

Lexus Hybrid Models

Toyota announced today that the company’s total hybrid sales have passed the 7 million unit mark, and have released a complete model-by-model breakdown for all regions.

Here’s how Lexus hybrid models have sold since their introduction in 2005:

Model Global Sales Japan North America Europe
LS 600h/LS 600hL 37,700 25,400 3,000 4,600
GS 450h/GS 300h 45,200 17,400 7,000 14,200
RX 400h/RX 450h 305,200 30,500 152,700 90,100
HS 250h 64,100 41,700 22,300
CT 200h 207,600 45,000 65,500 49,000
ES 300h 74,700 36,200 400
IS 300h 32,900 14,800 13,100
NX 300h 3,000 1,800 500

There’s some interesting data in this table — most surprising to me is how successful the LS 600h has been in Japan, averaging 3,600 units a year since it was introduced in 2007.

It’s also no wonder that Lexus has continued to sell the HS 250h in Japan, as the numbers are very good.

The grand total of Lexus hybrids sold? 770,400 units all told, for an average of 85,600 units a year.

[Source: Lexus USA]

Lexus Announces Recall for Fuel Delivery Pipe Issue

Lexus IS 250

Lexus has announced a recall of select Lexus models due to an issue with the fuel delivery pipe.

The models affected are the IS 250, IS 250 C, IS F, GS 300, GS 460, GS 450h, LS 600h, LS 600hL and LS 460 manufactured between January 2005 and September 2010.

Lexus has found that some pipes contain particles on the surface of the gasket seating of the fuel delivery pipe, which could cause the gasket to degrade and create the risk of a fuel leak.

This recall affects approximately 759,000 vehicles worldwide. Owners will be contacted in the coming weeks to schedule the repair.

[Source: Lexus UK Blog]