Lexus to Sell Supercharged LX 570 in the Middle East?

Lexus LX Supercharger

Lexus will apparently begin selling a supercharged LX 570 in the Gulf Arab States — here are the first photos, found on the Toyota4Arab forum:

There’s also an image of the supercharged engine:

Lexus LX 570 Supercharged Engine

According to Club Lexus poster UZJ100GXR, this is an limited edition factory package and not an aftermarket or dealer installed option. There are no official details just yet, but the supercharger should boost the LX over 500 hp.

(The Lexus Technical Center in Russia successfully installed a TRD supercharger in an LX 570 in 2011, and the engine photo looks very much like the one above.)

[Source: Toyota4Arab]

Video: The Lexus NX Development Story

Lexus NX Development Story

There are two new videos detailing the development story of the Lexus NX compact crossover — first, NX chief engineer Takeaki Kato describes the overall concept, new turbo engine, and some of the vehicle’s unique features:

In the second video, project managers Nobuyuki Tomatsu and Tetsuo Miki walk through the exterior & interior design from concept to production:

These videos do well in explaining the concept of the NX and what Lexus was trying to accomplish with its design — “Premium Urban Sports Gear” may not roll off the tongue, but the concentrated combination of style and functionality is very appealing.

The Lexus CT BG Concept from the Beijing Motor Show

Lexus CT BG Concept

Lexus China is displaying a customized CT 200h at the Beijing Motor Show, calling it the CT BG Concept — here are some photos from Japanese website Car Watch:

According to Chinese website Sohu, the CT BG concept is based on the CT 200h F SPORT, but with a “more personalized design language”:

The model is equipped with the Sport package and highly personalized body paint and color details, like lightning across the night sky. Delicate seat lines and carbon fiber interior decoration for aggressive new generation of consumers in the movement to bring the latest interpretation of luxury.

[Source: Car Watch & Sohu]

Lexus NX Key Features: A Video Tour

Lexus NX Key Features

Here’s a video overview of the key features found in the Lexus NX:

The level of detail on the NX is impressive — the compact crossover makes a strong statement at the new Lexus design movement, but even more important is the focus on functionality. This is a vehicle that will fit very comfortably into the lives of a large segment of the population.

(The Lexus USA & Lexus Canada press releases fail to mention the panoramic view monitor, leading me to believe the system will not be available in North America.)

Lexus USA Shares NX Sales Projections

Lexus NX Sales Projections

Mark Rechtin of the Automotive News recently spoke with Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken about NX sales projections:

…he expects Lexus to sell about 2,200 NX units a month in the United States. He added, however, that Lexus’ U.S. dealer council has informed him that such an estimate is too conservative.

“From a sizing standpoint, it’s basically the same size as the original RX 300,” Bracken said. “Nobody has made any analogy to it being an over-sized RAV4.”

When Lexus launched the original RX 300 in 1998, it had the same sales estimate. RX demand quickly jumped above six figures a year, and it became Lexus’ best selling product.

For perspective, Mercedes sold 32,553 GLK models and BMW sold 30,623 X3 models in 2013 — if Lexus USA is planning to sell only 26,400 NX models per year, the biggest problem will be availability.

(Have to think the NX will cut into RX sales somewhat — however, with a yearly average of 93,965 RX models sold over the past three years, Lexus can certainly afford to funnel some sales towards the new NX.)

[Source: Automotive News]