Lexus Designers Imagine Life on the Moon

Lexus Zero Gravity Moon Designs

Lexus designers from the ED2 design studio in Europe have contributed to the latest issue of Document Journal, which imagines what life on the moon might look like.

Five designers participated, here are their creations.

Zero Gravity, by Karl Dujardin

Lexus Zero Gravity

The design of the Zero Gravity concept represents the Lexus future through reinterpretation of the signature spindle form. For Zero Gravity, the spindle grille becomes a 3D spindle architecture, and sharp and square edges transform into fluid and curved surfaces, creating a mysterious design language.

The motorcycle-style architecture enables a stronger connection to driver/pilot allowing for more direct control and feedback as human and machine mesh. With this model, the driver maintains total control while gliding smoothly over the rough, pitted and bumpy lunar surface, even at an estimated speed of 500 kilometers per hour.

Lexus Cosmos, by Jean-Baptiste Henry

Lexus Cosmos

A transportation concept designed for both space and the lunar surface, the Lexus Cosmos features a fully sculpted glass shape that functions as a massive observatory to not only enjoy the view, but also explore the low gravity phenomenon.

With a rear cockpit that emphasizes the driving feel and a front portion dedicated to contemplation, the idea was to create a new luxury and exclusive experience for the future.

Bouncing Moon Roller, by Julien Marie

Lexus Bouncing Moon

A bouncing moon roller protected by a flexible graphene nanotube based bubble, this structure allows the space roller to jump and roll with any angle over a wide range of terrain. In the gyroscope cell, a cockpit and batteries sit together. The wheel-like stabilizer creates a fun yet protected feel.

Lexus Lunar Cruiser, by Keisuke Matsuno

Lexus Lunar Cruiser

“Lunar Cruiser” is a multipurpose vehicle for land and sky use on the moon. It has large tires that provide comfortable movement even on rough lunar conditions and can turn 90 degrees to fly like a drone. These allow the driver to explore the lunar land and sky freely.

The organically shaped cabin has a unique body graphic in the shape of a “3D spindle motion”, providing an open vision and comfortable interior space while having an iconic appearance.

Lexus Lunar Mission, by Yung Presciutti

Lexus Lunar Mission

The Lunar Mission is for people to the first fly to reach and walk on the moon. The design integrates a liquid side body, which can reflect the universe while flying toward the moon. The wings are the iconic spindle shape integrated with the Lexus symbol mark as a main geometry.

Lexus Moon Racer, by Yung Presciutti

Lexus Moon Racer

The moon racer is dedicated to the varied peaks of the lunar surface. This recreational vehicle is made for one human who wants to enjoy the effects of the lower-gravity in an amazing spot. You can jump, climb, race and discover the entire moon. A giant glass bubble surrounds the driver in order to emphasize the feeling of freedom.

Lexus Lunar, by Yung Presciutti

Lexus Lunar

Lexus Lunar is a massive transport vehicle designed to explore and discover the moon safely. The vehicle is divided into two parts: the bottom consists of a platform with 6 rugged wheels to give the freedom to go wherever you want. The upper part holds the living area. The two components of the vehicle can be also divided, with the upper portion detaching to create the start of a lunar colony.

Lexus UX: First GenerationTech

Lexus UX 300e to Get 186 Miles Of Range

Lexus UX 300e Range

The Lexus UX 300e full-electric crossover will have a range of 186 miles, with a 100mph top speed and a 0-62mph time of 7.5 seconds. The electric motor will produce 201 brake horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, with the 54.3kWh underfloor battery capable of DC rapid charging from 0-to-80 percent in 50 minutes.

From Autocar:

Lexus says the UX 300e, built on Toyota’s GA-C platform, has been developed with a focus on on-road performance and the goal of offering a quiet, refined driving experience. To balance the new powertrain, extra bracing has been added and the dampers have been reworked to maintain optimum weight distribution.

According to Lexus, the UX 300e’s powertrain draws on learnings from the firm’s long-running hybrid system and features a temperature management system that balances power at low and high temperatures.

The Lexus UX 300e will launch in China this year, with Europe sales starting in 2021. Pricing has yet to be announced.


Fuel Pump Issue Means Recall for Most 2019 Lexus Models

Lexus LS 500 Recall

Lexus USA has announced a safety recall for a number of models due to a potential fuel pump malfunction — here’s a breakdown of the vehicles affected:

  • 2018-2019 LS 500, LC 500, RC 350, RC 300, GS 350, IS 300, ES 350, LX 570, GX 460, and RX 350
  • 2019 NX 300, RX 350L, and GS 300

From the press release:

The subject vehicles are equipped with a fuel pump which may stop operating. If this were to occur, warning lights and messages may be displayed on the instrument panel, and the engine may run rough.

This can result in a vehicle stall, and the vehicle may be unable to be restarted. If a vehicle stall occurs while driving at higher speeds, this could increase the risk of a crash.

All known owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by mail by mid-March, and the repair will be performed by Lexus dealerships at no charge.

Lexus LC ConvertibleUSA

First Lexus LC Convertible to be Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson This Week

Lexus LC Convertible Auction

Lexus will auction off the very first LC 500 Convertible at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale next weekend, with the proceeds split between two charities: the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

The LC Convertible is one-of-a-kind in many ways, starting with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ending in 100001. It will be outfitted similar to the announced Inspiration Series edition, with a Structural Blue exterior and white leather interior.

Lexus LC Convertible Auction Wheels

There are exclusive touches, like blue brake calipers and 21-inch Liquid Graphite-colored forged alloy wheels with gloss black accents. The LC Convertible will also feature Liquid Platinum color accents in the headlights, side intakes, side mirrors, and taillights. A special carbon-fiber scuff-plate will read “LC Inspiration Series Launch Edition Exclusive 1 of 1”.

Lexus LC Convertible Scuff Plate

Along with the vehicle itself, the auction winner will receive the following:

  • A framed sketch of the LC Convertible from the Chief Designer
  • A portfolio of production-line photos and a certificate signed by the vehicle’s chief engineers and the general manager of the Motomachi plant.
  • Zero Halliburton luggage with custom Lexus design details
  • Lexus Performance Driving Experience package at Laguna Seca with Scott Pruett, a three-night hotel stay at the Pebble Beach Resort, and a round of golf at the Pebble Beach Golf Course.

The auction at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona will take place at approximately 4:30pm MST on January 17, 2020.

Lexus LC Convertible Auction Taillight

JapanLexus NX: First GenerationSpecial Editions

Lexus NX Bronze Special Edition Coming to Japan

Lexus NX Bronze Edition

Lexus Japan will be getting a Bronze special edition of the NX 300 crossover, with bronze interior and exterior elements — here’s the photo gallery to start us off:

On the outside, bronze-colored 18-inch wheels are paired with a black spindle grille surround and body-colored wheel arches. Inside, bronze-color is used for the trim and stitching.

The NX 300 Bronze edition is currently only available in Japan, and starts at ¥4,900,000 ($44,700 USD).

Lexus IS: Third Generation

Is Lexus Planning a Third Refresh for the IS Sedan?

Lexus IS Rendering

Two Japanese sources are claiming that the Lexus IS sedan may be getting a refresh this year rather than a next-generation model, as was previously reported. The first indication comes from Kuru Mag, with the following translated text:

Seven years have passed since the 30 Series “Lexus IS” appeared in May 2013, so it is time for a full model change, but it will be partially improved in the fall of 2020.

It is said that the reason why the full model change was canceled was that the IS class FR model would be abolished in the future due to the review of the model sold by Lexus .

The main improvements in the next Lexus IS are changes to the exterior and interior design and the setting of new grades and body colors .

This has also been reported by Best Car, who are claiming that the IS will receive a minor change in October, with both facts lining up to the Kuru Mag rumor.

An earlier report from Japanese website Response said the next-generation IS would arrive in 2021 with a new 2.4L turbo engine — however, no camouflaged prototypes have been spotted and no new trademarks have been filed. Historically, these two things are precursors to a next-generation model.

Could Lexus really be planning to stretch out the lifecycle of the third-generation IS? What does this mean for the brand’s car lineup, which has already seen the GS slowly fade to black? The conversation is already heating up in the forums, and is sure to burn bright with this new rumor.

ChinaSales Reports

Lexus Hit 200,000 Sales in China Last Year

Lexus 2019 China Sales

Lexus sold 200,521 vehicles in China for 2019, a 25 percent increase over 2018 and the third straight year of 20+ percent growth.

The most significant increase was hybrid sales, which jumped 39 percent to 69,027 units sold. The brand’s China sales advanced 22 percent in 2017 and 21 percent in 2018.

[Via: Automotive News]