More Photos of the Lexus RC F in Solar Flare

Lexus RC F Solar Flare Orange

Autoguide has some more photos of the Solar Flare orange Lexus RC F parked at the Lexus headquarters in California:

The orange doesn’t seem as overwhelming compared to the previous photos, but it’s still way more color that I could ever handle.

(And how about that carbon fiber detail? Looks great!)

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  • abed

    Great looking…one of the best colors for this car….:) hope it performs as good as it looks

  • TheLexusNexus

    hells yeah!! didnt think I would ever consider orange, but this orange is drop dead gorgeous…. The blacked out outline of the spindle grill looks so much better than the chrome…. I think im set on orange, just come out already!!! Im tired of waiting… its so painful!!

  • Hamed Al Sayes

    And Lexus is more than 450+ HP and BMW M4 is ONLY 425HP!!

    • HP?

      you know I wish they would come out with the exact numbers, is it 460 or 470, whatever it is I want to know for christ sake!!

      • Hamed Al Sayes

        The problem with Lexus is when they say over 450+ doesn’t mean its going to be 10HP more.
        No it means between 3HP to 7HP more and thats what I think!

      • 05rollaxrd

        471 HP (or 477 PS), according to a leak brochure.

      • Keith9


      • Guest

        477 PS = 477 HP = 351 KW

      • James Hatcher

        No 477 PS = 471 HP. For example, Lexus LFA is 560 PS, which converts to 553 HP.

      • MA DI

        Convert 351 KW to HP

        Result : 477.23 horsepowers

      • 05rollaxrd

        When IS-F was first revealed, Lexus said “over 400 HP” and it was 16 more HP. So, 450+ HP does not mean just a few more.

    • Levi

      The M4 is underrated. It makes about 450 PS in reality. But torque drops early, WHP also, it means no need to shift at redline. The S55 is maxed out, it has small turbos in order to reduce turbo lag. A chip will not do a lot without affecting reliability. The RC F engine on the other hand would make +500 PS with bolt-ons and tune.