Photos: Matte Grey Lexus IS F SPORT in Australia

Lexus IS F SPORT Matte Gray

Lexus of Perth in Australia continues to try new things with their inventory — first it was the matte black IS F SPORT, then a blacked out RX 450h, and now we have this matte grey IS F SPORT:

Something mean about a matte grey finish — might even prefer it to matte black. Excellent work as always from Lexus of Perth, they’re certainly unafraid to experiment.

(Thanks Morgan!)


  • Lexus Cohen

    That’s one very attractive car!

  • Crux

    Very nice.

  • Crux

    If i did get an IS F, which I wont since I’ll be opting for the bigger bro GS F. I will slap on some Work Wheels. #random K carry on!

    • Lexus Cohen

      Add some 20″ CV3s and you have the perfect car!

  • friv 3

    Look it seem strong and sure.