Mint Green Lexus LFA Spotted in Germany

Lexus LFA Mint Green

It’s the day of green LFAs — first was the Fresh Green LFA up for sale in Ohio, and now the world’s only Mint Green LFA has shown up in Germany — here are some photos from photographer Italian Car King:

There’s also this video from the Cars & Coffee in Hamburg:

(This has to be the most subtle color I’ve ever seen on a car — can barely see the green at all, just looks white to me.)

See more photos of the Mint Green Lexus LFA


  • Lexus Cohen

    I like this one more than the vibrant green.

    • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов


  • D.j. Max

    mint green? looks withest white to me

  • leopard08

    Man, the sound and smoothness of the LFA V10 engine will never get old.

  • Crux

    Minty ice cream soda… Yum yum yum yum yummy!

  • Ayo DocMkize

    My kind of colour unique.