Ultrasonic Blue Lexus LS F SPORT Spotted in Japan

Ultrasonic Blue Lexus LS F SPORT

An Ultrasonic Blue Lexus LS F SPORT has been spotted in Japan, and it’s something special — it may lack usual subtlety of the LS, but there’s a unique appeal in seeing the flagship Lexus in the now-signature F SPORT color.

(No further details at this point, but I have to think this is a custom one-off model.)

[Source: Y. Yaguchi via Kaizen Factor]


  • enthusiast88

    That actually looks REALLY good.

  • Lexus Cohen

    Picturing the LSF with this colour.

  • BOSS

    That looks pretty nice tbh, only if it was the F ..drools..

  • Travis

    Needs a better stance. Body is good needs better wheels those are ugly.

  • VossenWheels

    Love it…might have to wrap the LS now :D