Photo Gallery: Lexus NX at the Milan Design Week

Lexus NX at the Milan Design Week

The Lexus NX F SPORT made an appearance at the Milan Design Week, here are a mass of photos from the display:

The NX in Ultra White is attractive enough, but it will be nice seeing high quality images of the crossover in different colors — I’m hoping for Starlight Black, what colors would you like to see?

[Source: Lexus UK]


  • corradoMR2

    Although U White looks good, enough of the white and Atomic Silver photoshoot and videos, Lexus. Please, let’s see some darker colors like Nebula Gray or Obsidian (or Starlight Black). Oh, and those tires look meatier, like 235/55/18, a nice change from the 225/60/18s we’ve seen so far.

  • Lexus Cohen

    After seeing so many pictures of this, the LX, RX and GX are due for makeovers, I know they were recently refreshed. The NX is simply stunning!

  • Troy Howard

    Correct me if I’m wrong but this vehicle also has the F Sport grill. I don’t recall seeing that on any previous pics of the 300H. So if this is an upgrade, I’m all in.

  • Troy Howard

    Hmmm, looking closer it, it appears to be an F Sport. I was under the impression that the F Sport was a separate vehicle from the 300H.

  • corradoMR2

    Likely for Europe and other eastern markets. Not for N. America – only an F-Sport available on the 200t model for the west.

  • Troy Howard

    That’s bullcrap! I hope you’re wrong. KREW!! tell him he’s wrong.

  • FooFoo

    This is the ultimate trim!! 300h F-Sport with moonroof!!!

  • FooFoo

    He is right, ha ha ha. Except they will change for the NX.

  • Troy Howard

    That’s not right! I feel sick.

  • krew

    I’ll doublecheck, but I’m don’t believe the NX 300h F SPORT will be coming to North America.

  • corradoMR2

    I know. I felt the same way when the IS 300h F-Sport was not for the N. American market.

  • Foo Foo

    I will be able to get this trim! :D :D :D

  • nx w00t

    I live in the us. Is it possible to get the nx300h and swap the f sport grille mesh instead? From the 200t?. Ill just visit my local lexus part dealer and get the mesh insert only. I assume the length, height and width are all the same across the models. Im just bummed out thst i wont get black headliner and red sport bucket seats.

  • Darkride

    I’m not entirely sure the grill on the regular version is same size as F-Sport for the NX. If you look at the regular version there is a center lower grill (gap). Where as the F-Sport seems to go almost to the bottom except for the thin paint panel and silver trim.

    You can also tell the bumpers are different as they have different fog housings. The fog area on the regular NX is more RX, while the NX F-Sport is more RC.

  • Travis

    Great pics. Really makes the car looks futuristic.

    Didnt like it at first but now its growing on me and I think its gonna be a hit

  • AstonMartin

    Krew, were you able to inquire if a NX 300h F SPORT would be available for North America? I much prefer the lok of the F-Sport however I wish to have the efficiency of the hybrid engine. Please let the board know what you uncover. Thank you.