Lexus NX Key Features: A Video Tour

Lexus NX Key Features

Here’s a video overview of the key features found in the Lexus NX:

The level of detail on the NX is impressive — the compact crossover makes a strong statement at the new Lexus design movement, but even more important is the focus on functionality. This is a vehicle that will fit very comfortably into the lives of a large segment of the population.

(The Lexus USA & Lexus Canada press releases fail to mention the panoramic view monitor, leading me to believe the system will not be available in North America.)


  • Hamed Al Sayes

    To be honest!! the NEW NX is

  • FooFoo


  • Levi

    Look more appealing for the masses than a Macan. The Macan is of course much faster and sportier, but at a higher price. There is no reason for taking a Q5, X3 or GLK instead of this.

  • leopard08

    now this is a luxury car

  • MarcPBerger

    they did mention at NYIAS how the rear hatch will be programmable for 3 different levels for opening…something people have asked for years on the RX!

  • Lexus Cohen

    The NX, RX and LX are all amazing, Lexus should go back to the drawing board with the GX.