The Lexus CT BG Concept from the Beijing Motor Show

Lexus CT BG Concept

Lexus China is displaying a customized CT 200h at the Beijing Motor Show, calling it the CT BG Concept — here are some photos from Japanese website Car Watch:

According to Chinese website Sohu, the CT BG concept is based on the CT 200h F SPORT, but with a “more personalized design language”:

The model is equipped with the Sport package and highly personalized body paint and color details, like lightning across the night sky. Delicate seat lines and carbon fiber interior decoration for aggressive new generation of consumers in the movement to bring the latest interpretation of luxury.

[Source: Car Watch & Sohu]


  • Hamed Al Sayes

    I love the colour combination …
    The problem is I’m sure 100% there will be no change in the engine
    But if they did any changes and added more HP (like what FOX Marketing did in 2010), it would be amazing to see that beauty with the (Mercedes A45 AMG).
    Its going to be interesting :D

  • Lexus Cohen

    Lexus CT Black/Gold Concept, Nice! I guess Lexus will eventually have turbo engines in their CT.

  • BlackDyanmiteOnline

    It’s too subtle. I don’t get the message here…..

  • leozno1

    Lexus, please put the 2.0 Liter turbo in the CT!! I would not mind a Lexus CT 200t. That would be a sexy little hot hatch.

    • MA DI

      Probably they will do that in next generation >>

      • leozno1

        I figured they never put the 2.5L V6 in the CT because of the size of the motor. The 2.0L Turbo 4 cylinder should be more compact and fit nicely under the hood of the CT. The next gen CT is probably upwards of 3 or 4 years away so it would suck if we needed to wait that long.

  • sebisab93

    Lexus CT F please! I would buy it!

  • Levi

    Indication at future CT F to rival A AMG and RS3?

    • Thomas

      No! Nothing tuning-Companys ever do indicates anything. Todays lesson.

      • Levi

        And LS TMG 650? It did indicate officially the interest in an LS F.

  • Tragic Bronson

    Get rid of the graphics, drop the turbo motor in there and it would be legit. Otherwise, it’s faux.