Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA Wrapped in Matte Silver

Lexus LFA in Matte Silver

The Open Road Lexus dealership in Richmond, BC, has taken their #022 Pearl Read LFA and wrapped in matte silver for display at the Vancouver Auto Show — here’s another shot from the back:

Lexus LFA Matte Silver

Open Road Lexus also posted some additional photos on their Facebook page:

The Vancouver Auto Show starts tomorrow at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and runs until March 30th.


  • Mike De Lorca

    Never have been a fan of Matte finishes…..but how can anything look bad on this BAD BOY ?

  • BOSS

    Looks like a model toy in the night pics lol

  • Levi

    LFA, best car EVER!

  • Paul

    The matte wrap looks good, but it needs to be back on the OEM wheels

  • corradoMR2

    Nice work, Open Road Lexus! Stunning in this wrap and the wheels too!