Ultrasonic Blue Lexus RC F Spotted in California

Lexus RC F Ultrasonic Blue

It’s not just a black Lexus RC F cruising around California — Lexus Enthusiast reader Yoshi sent in a few highway shots of the model in Ultrasonic Blue:

Lexus RC F Side Ultrasonic Blue

Lexus RC F Side Ultrasonic Blue 2

Lexus RC F Rear Ultrasonic Blue

Definitely prefer this Ultrasonic Blue to the half-painted black RC F we’ve seen — looks much better on the road.

(Thanks Yoshi!)


  • David

    Looks much better than the Black mule.

    Is this USB or the new Exceed Blue Metallic?
    USB isnt an offered color choice

    • Ace

      For the IS-F, Ultrasonic Blue Mica is known as Exceed Blue Metallic in Japan.

      • David

        Oh I didn’t know that, thanks for the info!!

  • Travis

    Also notice that the car doesn’t have that horrible front wheel gap like the black one had. Thank god !

  • Lexus Cohen

    I’m definitely getting a job with Lexus.

  • corradoMR2

    Finally, looking good, better than the black tester last time.