More Photos of the Lexus RC F SPORT

Lexus RC F SPORT Photos

Here are some more photos of the Lexus RC F SPORT from the Geneva Motor Show floor — first off, a friend at Lexus Europe sent over these shots:

There’s also a photo gallery of the RC F SPORT at Autoblog — here’s a selection of images:

(Thanks David!)


  • Travis

    That is one damn good looking coupe. The more I see the front end the more I like it. Def looks better then the BMW M4. The interior looks really nice

  • Tweaa

    No Sun Roof or Black headliner? -__________-

    • Lexus Cohen

      I didn’t even realize that, they better include it!

  • Max Bullo

    No way: She’s the queen of Geneva

  • bnetts

    torsional rigidity

  • chasedrgc1223
    So I’m not sure if you guys have seen this, but the implementation of the turn signal in the DRL portion of the headlights was interesting. The GIF I’ve created shows the various types of lighting found on the Lexus RC.

  • Cha Kang Woo

    the Lexus RC gt is better looking than standar version

  • Tif

    I love it, I think Lexus did a GREAT job on it! I was so impressed by the regular RC, surprised by the RC F, and now genuinely impressed as well with the RC F Sport. To me in terms of styling, it strikes an almost-perfect balance of luxury and sport.
    I also eagerly await the full specs of the RC F, I can’t wait to get all the comprehensive technical details, especially about the new V8.