Should the Production Lexus LF-LC Look Like This?

Lexus LF-LC Production

Japanese magazine Best Car has published an attractive rendering of a production Lexus LF-LC coupe.

Merging the best of the LF-LC concept with the design of the RC coupe, the “LC F” rendering above is quite believable with its extreme polish — I could definitely see the production LF-LC looking very similar.

Best part of all — it’s not just pure speculation. The LF-LC has already been confirmed by Lexus executives, though its development & eventual release date still remains a mystery.

[Source: Best Car Magazine]


  • Chuck Norris


  • Truth

    This is what the RC-F should look like. Why build two coupes? Ultimately there should be an IS-F, RC-F, and GS-F…

  • Thomas Cahoon

    ASAP. make it so!

  • Crux

    Yes, I like it.

    The Nike DRL’s (jk) need to be a one-piece-continous-glow, not dotted, gap-separated led dots. C’mon Lexy, fix that sh1t, hate seeing that on current models too.

  • corradoMR2

    This would be a GT coupe 80-100K+ much like a 6-series coupe or even higher end possibly. Would also be a nice replacement for the SC.

  • DillonD

    I agree! The continuous ones on the LS look so much better than all the dotted models…

  • Lexus Cohen

    I need a job with Lexus,this looks amazing btw.

  • jezze


  • Levi

    1500 kg, 600 PS V8 SC-F please.

  • Shahir Ashraf

    I would like a job with Lexus as well

  • Adriann06

    When I saw this my jaw completely dropped! There’s a couple things I hope they keep and move it to the production model. One is the wheels! Those wheels would look amazing on almost any lexus really, second the technology and design they had on the inside in a big big thing lexus should keep!

  • lexustechsa

    Damn I’ll take 2 :)

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    It looks too much like the LFA.
    It should have more original styling, and keep as close to the concept as possible…..

  • Ayo DocMkize

    I think the RC F is just fine the way it is ,remember if Lexus wants to be a true playa in the executive coupe segment it needs more coupe’s to compete against germans.PLus it give them room to cater for affordability in different markets, I also agree with you the ISF should continue as sedan based performance model ,then add your RC-F,SC-F as performance coupe’s.

  • Ayo DocMkize

    The best Rendering of the LF-LC i hope Lexus production team and engineers are ready to start with the prototype based on this rendering.

  • Thomas

    There are hardly made any “confirmations” that they will make a Production Version of the LF-Lc. No, not at all. Besides, design elements from the LF-Lc has alreade trickled Down to the RC and the RCF.

  • DillonD

    Make that three!

  • sebisab93

    No, please no. It doesn’t look as expensive as it could be.

  • Raptor

    Umm~ Hell yes!…
    That is the pinnacle of the current spindle grille design…

  • tnphoto

    Grill looks large for the body, maybe increase cockpit height, could be photo distortion would have to view in person.