Lexus GS Named Top Luxury Car in 2014 Canadian Black Book Retained Value Awards

Lexus GS 2010

For the third consecutive year, the Lexus GS was named the best value in the Luxury Car category of the 2014 Canadian Black Book Retained Value awards.

For this year’s awards, Canadian Black Book analyzed 2010 model year cars and trucks and determined the vehicles that retained the highest percentage of their original MSRP after four years.

[Source: Lexus Canada]


  • Travis

    That 3rd gen GS still looks damn good ! Gr8 smooth lines.

  • Joshd

    Still love my ’13 GS!!

  • Thomas

    The best looking Lexus ever!

  • tinhinnh

    Why didn’t they sell much of it?

  • ElectricBro

    Because the MB E class is a basic taxi in Europe, and standard rental
    car in Hertz; The BMW 5 series, is a standard rental car from Avis.

  • tinhinnh

    Wow, they couldn’t even find a pic of the current one?………

  • krew

    The 2010 GS was the model that won the retained value award.

  • Travis

    Just because it doesn’t sale a lot doesn’t mean its not a great product.

  • Thomas

    Why asking?

  • Simple Math

    I can’t understand why Lexus stop making the GS 460 with v-8 engine. Lexus does not understand luxury. People have money and they want to spend it. Give them choices to choose from. Mercedes E series comes with V4 (E250), V6 (E350) and V8 (E550). I have a 2013 GS and love everything about it, but wish to have the V-8 engine of LS model. It’s slightly under performed for me. I don’t want the GS F, RC F or IS F as they got way too much power. I don’t want the LS as it’s too big to be sporty. GS 460 in the $57K – $62K will beat all competitors out there.

  • Errol Wilson

    Love my 06 GS300!! Next up the RC ’15!!

  • Kimi

    The E250 has an L4, not V4.

    Instead of putting a thirsty V8 into the GS, Lexus could consider making a supercharged version of the 2GR-FSE; since Lotus already make one out of the 2GR-FE.