Lexus RC F SPORT & RC F GT3 Concept to Debut at Geneva Motor Show


The Lexus RC F SPORT will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, according to a new press release — here are the details:

Based on the striking Lexus RC coupe, the F SPORT model features exclusive, even more sporting and aggressive exterior and interior design features, and enhanced driving dynamics.

This announcement comes at an interesting time, just one day after a mystery RC F SPORT prototype was spotted in California.

Lexus will also display a RC F GT3 concept in Geneva, which will soon be available to racing teams in the European GT3 series. This marks another Lexus racing initiative with the new coupe, joining the GT500 race car that will part of the 2014 Super GT season in Japan.

Pictures of RC F GT3 and F SPORT version of RC will be available on February 28th.

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  • disqus_Zwd94GysjO

    It’s about time! I’ve been waiting impatiently for the announcement of the F Sport!

  • FooFoo

    I am more interested in the NX.

  • OlFius

    So, the RC F Sport is for Geneva ?!
    Which big auto show is after Geneva ?
    It’s about time for the NX, don’t you think ?

    • blkpantha

      No I think Lexus give all it’s vehicle very special attention when they are release just like it’s the CT in the spot light at the moment NX and RC will get there’s

    • Lexusdrivervd

      Next big show is New York international auto show in April

  • Lexus Cohen

    This year is going to be F ing amazing for Lexus!

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Yes yes yes RC F-sport 2.0L turbo engine. its a must we see it and place an order once we approve.

  • 880leewoo