Lexus RC F SPORT Prototype Spotted?

Lexus RC F SPORT Hero

A blue Lexus RC 350 has been spotted in California sporting a covered up fender badge — here a couple more photos:

Lexus RC 350 F SPORT Rear

Lexus RC 350 F SPORT Rear

The coupe is near identical to the standard RC, but look closely at the fender and there’s a piece of blue tape covering up what I would assume is an F SPORT badge:

Lexus RC F SPORT Badge

If this is meant to be a secret F SPORT prototype, why the badge, the different wheels, the Ultrasonic Blue? This barely concealed mystery suggests one thing to me — it shouldn’t be long before we see the actual RC F SPORT.

(Thanks Moto!)


  • DillonD

    I must say, blue looks really good on the regular RC! An FSPORT grille will look so good on that wide Spindle grille! SO EXCITED! :D

    • DillonD

      So I am not the best at it but I tried to photoshop an IS FSPORT grille onto the RC (red). It looks pretty good to me! :)

      • Ayo DocMkize

        remove the fog lamps!

  • Thomas Cahoon

    can’t wait!

  • Lexus Cohen

    That RC actually looks nice in blue.

  • Bobby

    The real life pictures look fantastic! Personally, I think it’s much more striking than it’s competition! Can’t wait to start seeing them around!

  • Ayo DocMkize

    i must say if this is the F sport of the RC then looks wise its no different than normal RC 350 the spindle grille needs a bit more aggression.

    • Lexus Cohen

      That’s definitely not the Fsport model, the Fsport will have a different grille.

  • James Fletcher

    The blue looks nice but I’d take one of these in black over the hideous looking Toyota FT-1

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Without that piece of tape, I would never have recognized it!
    Very stealth…..

    • Tragic Bronson

      Seems legit

  • once bitten

    I am glad everyone seems to like the RC, personally I think it looks hideous, hopefully the F SPORT makes the front and rear look better.

    • darkride

      I thought it was weird looking at first too, but then I saw the RC and RC-F in real-life. The pictures don’t do these things justice. The colors, the lines, the shapes… they all come together superbly. I would recommend giving it a chance to be seen in real-life. =)

  • Kizi 1


  • Travis

    I actually think the car looks ugly in these upclose pics.. make the car look awkward. Not the best pics of this car.

  • vanillablue

    F-sport badge, F-sport color but the vanilla grill?!
    something doesn’t make sense here

    • Carmaker1

      Oddly enough, that must not be the real thing. Even this late in the game I wouldn’t expect such a fake F-Sport model, as that has no differences other than color and the “F” badge, from the red RC350 prototype (not a production build) displayed at the auto shows. I can’t say I’m 100% right, but that is my general theory. It’s a fake!

  • Carmaker1

    The exterior is not one of an F-Sport, possibly. I can’t see any true differences between the RC350 and this “F-Sport” version. I understand the need to separate F from F-Sport, but this is too insufficient and that “misplaced” F badge has me scratching my head. It seems like bait from Lexus to some third-party, as that is no more than a blue regular RC350 in design.